May 15, 2017

It’s that time of the year when you see umbrella tops waddling along the roads and nimbu-paani is preferred over chai. The harsh months of summer are here, accompanied by hard times for your skin. Oily skin gets oilier, and dry skin gets patchy. There are break-outs and pimples, rashes and roughness, and acne that just wouldn’t go away!

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Don’t fret; include these simple skin care tips in your routine, and you’ll be glowing through the heat.


Facial Care

Our face is massively important to our identity. It should be cared for thus, too. With the heat comes sweat and dust particles get stuck to your face and are embedded in your skin. Make it a point to cleanse your face regularly. Try exfoliating oily skin and use a scrub once or twice a week. For dry and matured skin, applying egg whites, chandan, rose water or basil are good ideas.


Basics is the key

Assuming that your skin won’t get dry in the summer is a myth. Don’t fall down that pit. Moving in and out of air-conditioned rooms and cars alone can dry your skin up. Follow the age old method of cleaning, toning and moisturizing at night.


Sunscreen Saves Lives

Always keep sunscreen close. With the summer at its peak, the usually harmful UV rays are even more damaging now. Pick a sunscreen that gels with your skin. A SPF 30 should do well, provided you apply it every 20 to 30 minutes.


Grandma’s remedies always work

There’s a lot of stuff you can find in your kitchen that will be great for your skin. For instance, lemons and tomatoes can be helpful in keeping your skin fresh. A quick way to use tomato juice is to keep it in the fridge in the ice tray. Remove it after it is in a semi-solid state and apply it before having a shower.


Overall Hygiene

Maintaining hygiene is an essential tool to combat the heat. A bath twice everyday will refresh your skin and will also lessen summer lethargy. You can try adding neem leaves to bathing water to get rid of prickly heat.

Try out these methods and enjoy your summer to the fullest!

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