March 1, 2019

Believe it or not, even men are more or less, as critical of their appearance as women. They understand the importance of looking neat and clean so that they look presentable. There’s no need to know rocket science if one wants to be fashionable. It’s something that comes easy with your sense of style.

On the other hand, if you’re born with a sense of style, you’ll eventually develop a few habits and specific DIY tweaks, here and there, that’ll surely up your game. Right from the King of Bollywood to David Beckham, everybody shares some everyday habits that make them look dapper on the red carpet. So if you wish to upgrade your wardrobe upgrade, follow these ten smart fashion tips to leave an everlasting impression on everyone!

Dress As Per Your Body Type

Dress As Per Your Body Type_smart fashion tips


Dressing well ultimately comes down to understanding your body type. The better you know your body type, the better is your style. Along with clothing for the weather, you also need to make sure that you look good. Wear the kind of clothes that go well with your features and personality.

If you are short in stature, you must always wear clothes that make you look tall. If you have a strong built, then wear the type that will complement it. Look up for fashion inspirations that not only make you stand out but also guide you.

Have Your Own Style

Have Your Own Style_smart fashion tips


Even the most stylish men in the showbiz, have their sense of style. Developing a sense of style that resonates with who you are is the most challenging thing. That’s because, with so many varieties of trend and inspiration around, it’s pretty easy to replicate someone. But if you blindly copy someone, you’ll never be yourself.

The key to developing a style of your own is to understand and accept your body type. This will allow you to think outside the box and bloom to perfection with the right pair of clothes which suit your personality. Experiment with different styles and shades and only then stick to the one that brings out the best in you.

Be Smart With Your Choice

Be Smart With Your Choice_smart fashion tips


Spending money on clothes is easy. You can pick whatever you like without giving it a thought. However, you need to be sure that the clothes which you buy, whether cheap or expensive, are worth it. Think well, before you make your choice.

A well-dressed man is not an impulsive buyer. Yes, he might want to buy smart clothes, but he analyses his decisions before taking one. That way, he only makes sure that what he purchases, is not only quantitative but also qualitative. Be wise while investing in clothes that you plan to try on for the first time, keeping in mind, that it must go well with your personality.

Stock Your Wardrobes

Be Smart With Your Choice_smart fashion tips


Once you’ve aced the smart buyers game, you’ll know what, when, and how much to purchase. You don’t have to stock your wardrobe unnecessarily only to make it look full. So, if you think you’ve run out of clothes or don’t have something for a particular event, then stock your closets. After all, you should never run out of supplies.

Know Your Tailor

Know Your Tailor_smart fashion tips


Kindly raise your hand if your pick for any event is either a tuxedo or a well-tailored suit. Well, if that’s the case then see to it that your tailor is the best one in town. If he is the best in town, then you’re fortunate. But if he isn’t good enough, and throws tantrums, each time when you ask him to make some alterations to the suit, then it’s time to change your tailor.

It is essential that your tailor knows your measurements and your fits very well, to create a masterpiece. That’s just because a well-tailored suit with the right fittings will add on to your dapper personality rather than an ill-fitted suit. Once you have the perfect fit ready, throw on some accessories like a bow-tie, cuff links, suspenders, and so forth. These smart fashion tips will make you look dapper and sophisticated at the next party.

Stick To The Basics

Have Your Own Style_smart fashion tips


One of the most important tips for smart dressing is – stick to basics. Buying basics may not be the most exhilarating way to empty your wallet, but it is essential to dressing well and looking good in all situations.

Remember, “Basics are the bedrock of any wardrobe”.

Pick The Right Shoe

Pick The Right Shoe_smart fashion tips


It’s not uncommon to hear people waxing lyrical about how footwear is the most important component of an outfit. And while it’s quite a bold statement, they have a point. Shoes have the power to make or break a look. Hence, pick the right shoe that fits you and matches your trousers. Once you have the right pair, take good care of the same.

It is advisable to purchase loafers or moccasins in tan and black shade. These are the two colours that complement anything. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about what pair to wear on what outfit. Other than that, have a pair of white sneakers handy for your on-the-go look of the day.

Avoid Boot-Cut Jeans

Avoid Boot-Cut Jeans_smart fashion tips


Your choice of jeans speaks a lot about you as a person. And there’s one type of jeans which is a major turn-off. It is none other than ‘boot-cut jeans.’ Boot-cut jeans are known to be the most unflattering piece of clothing by a majority of people. Even, fashion designers and stylists agree to it.

Types like tapered jeans or slim fit jeans are something that deserves to be worn by men with good taste. These jeans are not only comfortable to wear, but they also look sophisticated when worn. So if you’re keen on getting that classy yet a very comfortable look, opt for the type of jeans suggested.

Organise Your Closet

Organise Your Closet_smart fashion tips


Imagine, you’re super late for a meeting, and you’re in a rush to head out. But you can’t find anything to wear because your closet is messy. Since you have no choice, you grab whatever you find handy and end up looking like a mess. Even, the thought of it is cringing worthy, right? Hence, make sure that you organise your wardrobe on a timely basis.

Men with an impeccable sense of style have all their outfits organised and planned, at least a week in advance. That way, they not only make sure that their costumes are all set for the day but also have their closet organised. The best way to organise the wardrobe is by arranging the garments as the colour and type.

Shop From The Stores

Shop From The Stores_smart fashion tips


Wearing good clothes is not the only thing that’s required to complete your styling. A well-dressed man is the one who is well aware of what he must add to his clothing to make it complete. Accessorising your clothes is a great way to ensure that you look presentable and stylish. Hence, invest in pieces like watches, cufflinks, bow ties, suspenders, and so forth. Pair these with any solid shirt and revamp that clichéd outfit.

Now that you know how to dress smart male! Get ready to transform your personality and become one?

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