February 14, 2019

Belly fat and love handles are often looked as areas to hide under excessively loose clothing. To make things worse, most women play it safe and prefer not to experiment when it comes to various silhouettes and styles.

The result? Women adhere to a highly limited wardrobe, which also quells their curiosity to explore their personal style.

But it’s time the tables turned. We have a list of smart clothing tips to flatter your frame and bolster your confidence!

Choose-Vertical-Stripes_Styling Tips To Hide Belly And Side Fat

source: grownandcurvywoman.com

Choose Vertical Stripes – Leave out large prints for the hottest trend of the season – vertical stripes! It may seem like they were made just for you, thanks to their ability to create the appearance of a taller, slimmer frame. Make this look work by opting for thinner stripes over wider ones. Opt for stripes running across the entire length of your outfit, think – all-striped dresses or jumpsuits!

Opt-For-Dark-Solids_Styling Tips To Hide Belly And Side Fat

source: click.ro

Opt For Dark Solids – Solidify your spot in the list of best dressed with none other than solids! These are wardrobe must-haves when it comes to creating a slimmer appearance around your midriff. Dark tones like black are unarguably the best, but try experimenting with light pastels occasionally. Team these solid colours with flattering silhouettes like the V-neck and midi hemline to make an impact!

Try-Wide-Legged-Pants_Styling Tips To Hide Belly And Side Fat

source: blouse.labzada.com

Try Wide Legged Pants – Loose clothes need not necessarily be baggy, we can vouch for it! Take a pair of wide-legged pants for starters. Starting from the waist, these pants extend all the way down and fall freely. High-waist variants are your ultimate pick to create a toned appearance near your tummy. They definitely deserve brownie points for their ability to even make you look taller!

Take-The-Liberty-To-Layer_Styling Tips To Hide Belly And Side Fat

source: fashionmakestrends.com

Take The Liberty To Layer – Make no qualms about layering, particularly if you have a long line jacket for company. While regular jackets put you at the risk of looking stuffy, long jackets do the opposite. Their long silhouettes effortlessly work to align your frame vertically and create a slimmer appearance.

Let-The-Hemline-Extend_Styling Tips To Hide Belly And Side Fat

source: curvygirlchic.com

Let The Hemline Extend – It’s no secret that longer outfits flatter the frame more than anything, without compromising on the comfort factor. Loose, long dresses and skirts are exemplary in this aspect, with their ability to flatter your figure. They don’t cling too tightly, thanks to their straight cut silhouette; it’s a win-win!

High-Waist-Works-Wonders_Styling Tips To Hide Belly And Side Fat

source: baggout.com

High Waist Works Wonders – Step out with ladylike elegance, courtesy vintage reborn high-waist flared skirts and pants. Their design is a huge advantage and rules out any possibility of belly fat or love handles peeking out. Make this look work by opting for fitted tops to go with the slightly flared bottoms.

Say yes to a variety of styling options and unleash the fashionista in you, sans the worry of belly fat and muffin tops. Here’s the place to begin!

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