May 9, 2018

We simply cannot stop raving about summer. What with all the endless opportunities to relax and keep cool. Besides, here’s the best part – fashion rules switch to the fun, ecstatic, and zestful kind. And your footwear counts too.

This season, find out the summer footwear that finds the numero uno spot on our list. Because mismatched shoes are a big deal breaker!

Feel-Good-In-Flip-Flops_Summer Footwear

Ramp Up The Feel-Good Factor With Flip Flops– Summer is synonymous with beach holidays. And what better choice than a pair of colourful flip flops while you’re out to get some sand in your toes? They are the ideal summer shoes if your idea of a perfect holiday means the sun, sea, and sand. But some restraint dear readers! While summer is all about being carefree, it’s best to part ways with a pair of flip-flops when it comes to attending a party or a boardroom meeting!

Glide-Into-Fur-Slides_Summer Footwear

Keep Those Feet Undercover In Summer With Fur Slides– If there’s anything to do with fur in it, we think – winter! But you’ll have to wear it to believe it. Summer footwear like fur glides spell redemption for your feet, for all those times when they can’t take the brunt of the summer heat or those sky-high heels! If you’re still wondering whether you can carry it off, you have our word. This fuzzy footwear is breathable and lightweight, with the added plus of an open toe to show off those painted nails.

Keep-It-Classy-With-Bellies_Summer Footwear

Keep It Classy With Bellies– Bellies are one of the most comfortable shoe options out there. However, comfort isn’t the sole reason they’ve made it to this list. Ballerinas take elegance to the next level. They are delicate and oh-so-feminine. While footwear trends keep changing, these ones come with an evergreen label. Needless to stay, these ladies summer shoes work for everything from a job interview to a brunch with your buddies!

Go-Comfy-In-Formals-With-Loafers_Summer Footwear

Go Comfy In Formals With Loafers– This summer, choose loafers to draw the perfect balance between casual and formal. Your feet will thank you for choosing them over boots, for their comparatively less restrictive structure that allows room for breathability. Although traditionally worn as sockless shoes, you can still wear your socks if you want to! While wearing socks with loafers may not sound like a big dealbreaker, be careful about the colour coordination.

Boat-Shoes_Summer Footwear

Sail Through The Summer With Boat Shoes– Any list of summer shoes for men will remain incomplete without a pair of boat shoes. This classic footwear is an all-season favourite simply because of the comfort it provides. Ideally, you should choose a pair crafted from canvas fabric and a rubber sole to let your feet breath easy. And to prevent you from slipping into a dilemma about colours and prints, we suggest you buy a tan pair that’ll work right through Monday to Friday.

Remember, the right type of summer shoes takes you a long way. Whether you have a beach holiday or back-to-back business meetings on the cards, this handy list will help you to style it right.

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