Athleisure Wear Dos And Don’ts For Women
September 18, 2018

The athleisure trend certainly has the world in a frenzy. Think about it; it’s nearly every day that we spot a celebrity or a fashion influencer rocking the trend, and we couldn’t be more inspired.

But like every trend, there’s a thin line between doing it right and prepping up for a major fashion faux pas. While wearing gym clothes is a legitimate trend, no one said there wasn’t room for mistakes.

Fortunately, for you, we have the golden set of dos and don’ts that will help you steer clear of an epic athleisure fail. With our checklist, you’ll be on the right track

Keep A Check On Your Attire

Keep A Check On Your Attire_Athleisure Dos And Don'ts


Keeping the occasion in mind, you may want to decide your athleisure look appropriately. It’s almost always safe to steer clear of the extremities like sports bras, particularly if it’s anything other than a Zumba routine! What you can do instead is try on a crop top and layer smartly. The art of layering right in athleisure can truly yield some great results!

Get Your Footwear Right

Get Your Footwear Right_Athleisure Dos And Don'ts

Going to great lengths to finally nail the athleisure look will certainly pay off, but only if you leave those dreaded flip-flops behind. They do a great job at marring the chicness of an outfit, thanks to their overly casual vibe. The same goes for sneakers that are too worn out to be a part of the athleisure wear tribe! Instead, experiment with an array of sneakers – high tops, low-cuts, and the classic white. Depending on your outfit, you could cleverly throw in a pair of platform heels, booties, or kitten pumps. But beware of overdoing it with glitzy stilettoes, dressy sandals, and the likes!

Watch Out For The Fit

Watch Out For The Fit_Athleisure Dos and Don'ts


While the oversized trend is widely acclaimed in the fashion world, you must test the waters with caution. Steer clear of a head to toe baggy look. Instead opt for a single oversized element, if you still wish to experiment. And yet, the fail-proof method is always to pick the right fit without inclining drastically towards the baggy or skimpy pieces.

Choose Your Colour Palette Wisely

Choose Your Colour Palette Wisely_Athleisure Dos And Don'ts

Although athleisure trend doesn’t dictate a set colour code, delving into a full-blown colour fest is not recommended. Settling for a mix of contrasting colours is not a good decision and risks taking your outfit from stylish to confusing. Instead, opt for a singular element featuring a bold colour and balance the rest of the outfit with neutral tones. The next best option is to opt for a blend of neutrals, ranging from blacks to beiges, to whites, and greys.

Stay Aware Of Current Trends

Stay Aware Of Current Trends_Athleisure Dos And Don'ts

Make it a point to keep a watch for the latest athleisure looks. You don’t want to sport styles that are being told off by the fashion police. Avoid done and dusted details like mesh panels and bright coloured patterns. Instead, opt for currently trending looks like athletic stripes and sporty hemline borders.

Infuse The Right Accessories

Infuse The Right Accessories_Athleisure Dos And Don'ts

If you’re going subtle with your athleisure attire, there are always accessories which could stand as the saving grace. Avoid opting for dull accessories like shawls or over the top statement pieces like fringe jackets and tops. Take the minimalist route instead with a baseball cap, a fanny pack, or a slick biker jacket to nail the look.

Take a cue from these dos and don’ts and make your athleisure look a fail-proof one. Get started by shopping for athleisure wear and more online!

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