July 19, 2017

The monsoon season is a great sign of relief after the scorching heat but it also hosts numerous diseases and infections. Infants are the biggest target as their immunity works very differently than adults. It is important to take utmost care of babies and protect them during this season.

Parents need to be monsoon ready ensuring all the requirements for a baby are done right from hygiene, medicines, protection from flu , clothing etc.

Keep Your House Environment and Surroundings Clean


Extra care must be taken about sanitizing the house and water logging. If you have a garden or plants outside, trim the plants and check for stagnant water. This will keep away the mosquitoes from breeding. Sanitizing the house and all the baby products with an antiseptic will help in keeping away germs and diseases.

Your Baby’s Hygiene Must Be Top-Notch


Due to the humid weather, babies sweat too. Their diapers should be changed more frequently. Also be sure to keep their body dry. This will help in avoiding skin infections and rashes.

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Dress Your Baby With Perfectly Fitting Clothes


The summer season was all about wearing loose, cotton clothes. In this season, keep the humid weather in mind.  Ensure that your baby wears clothes that keep them warm as well as protect them from mosquitoes around. You can always carry some warm clothes and wraps to keep them warm.

Source the Drinking Water With Care


Use only boiled water to prepare your infants food.  Water gets contaminated easily, using only boiled water helps in keeping away water-borne diseases.

Take Care of Insect Bites


Mosquitoes always find a way into the house despite the numerous precautions we take. Consult your pediatrician and get a mosquito repellent cream that is baby-friendly. Get one which will protect your child from mosquito bites.

Visit the Doctor Regularly


A visit to the pediatrician is a must before the monsoon begins. Consult your doctor about required vaccination, medications to be given during flu so if an emergency arises you have some medicines handy.

Have a Quick  Check Around the Baby’s Room


Before the monsoon season begins, check your baby’s room for any leakages, dampness or if any electrical wiring needs to be fixed. These tips will help you and your baby enjoy the blissful monsoon.

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