March 1, 2018

Hair loss is a nightmare for everyone, be it men or women. The causes may vary for different individuals, ranging from vitamin deficiencies to even stress. Everyone wants to know how to stop hair fall but no one has enough time to put in the effort. But it’s time you did before it’s too late.
Here’s a guide to reduce hair loss with essential hair fall control tips. Learn how to control hair fall and your hair will surely thank you for it!

Go Chemical-Free

Go Chemical-Free_Reduce Hair Loss Tips

In recent times, increasing pollution levels have largely affected the quality of hair. What could possibly aggravate this more? Dousing your hair with hair products that contain harmful chemicals. In such a scenario if you’re wondering how to stop hair fall, the answer lies in going natural with products that are free from sulfate, silicone, and parabens. Try these shampoos, conditioners and oils made from plant-based ingredients; your hair will love them!

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 Nourish Your Roots

Nourish Your Roots_Reduce Hair Loss Tips

Nothing compares to the relief that comes with a good head massage. Apart from the feel-good factor, this hair fall control tip helps to stimulate hair growth and provide other benefits like blood circulation. Carrier oils like castor oil, olive oil and coconut oil can be mixed with a variety of essential oils for extra nourishment. You could also consider other hair rejuvenating oils like argan oil and sesame oil.

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 Mask It Up

Mask It Up_Reduce Hair Loss Tips

The more nourishment, the better! And what more than a vitamin-enriched mask to do the job. Egg, banana, and curd based masks work great for dry hair. Oily hair can be pampered with masks infused with Indian gooseberry, lemon and henna. Other natural ingredients like honey, hibiscus, aloe vera, and avocado provide deep nourishment too.

Eat The Right Diet

The Right Diet_Reduce Hair Loss Tips

Another answer to the often asked question on how to stop hair fall is to keep track of your food intake and water. Foods high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids help restore the volume and lustre of your hair. Add items like spinach, nuts, oysters, eggs, and lentils to your diet to increase your consumption of essential nutrients. Avoid junk food at all costs.

 Make Changes To Your Lifestyle

Make Changes To Your Lifestyle_Reduce Hair Loss Tips

And if you’ve still tried all of the above tips on how to stop hair fall, the problem probably lies in a poor lifestyle habit like smoking or drinking. Smoking and alcohol consumption inhibit hair growth. The best way to regain the health of your hair is to quit these habits and increase your water intake.

 Follow A Hair Routine

Follow A Hair Routine_Reduce Hair Loss Tips

Just like your skincare routine involves regular CTM (cleansing, toning, and moisturizing), the secret to how to control hair fall lies in a good haircare regime that entails washing, nourishing and conditioning. Never go without washing your hair for days as impurities and sebum could gather at the roots. After shampooing, apply conditioner or serum to moisturise your hair. It’s always best to avoid styling tools and hair dyes as heat and chemicals are damaging. This hair fall control tip will go a long way when it comes to reducing hair loss.

Trust Headgear For Style And Protection

Headgear_Safety With Style_Reduce Hair Loss Tips

Are you wondering how to control hair fall when it seems impossible to protect your hair from external aggressors like pollutants and heat? Here comes trendy headgear to save the day. Women can accessorise with hats, scarves and bandanas while men can use skull caps and helmets. If you’re a regular helmet user, increased sweat accumulation on the scalp should be prevented by regularly cleaning both the scalp and headgear.

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50% of the male population and 25% of the female population experience hair fall, reason enough to begin caring for your hair today. Now that you know the essential tips on how to control hair fall, it’s time you started implementing them. Start by nourishing your hair with plant-based products that are free from chemicals and preservatives, in addition to following the above hair fall control tips.

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