July 18, 2018

Now that monsoon is here, our weekend priorities may change a bit. Our usual Friday and Saturday night outs may be swapped with some time indoors. Whether it’s the weather that is making you cancel plans or you want to enjoy some ‘me’ time, it is time to make your indoor rain game strong!

Here’s a list of 6 indoor things to do when it’s pouring outside.

Movie Marathon

Movie Marathon_Top 6 Indoor Activities For The Monsoons

source: pinterest.com

You obviously don’t need a reason for this one. There’s something about the weather that makes you want to snuggle in bed and watch your favourite movie. It is one of the first things that come to mind, so much so that it has now been classified as a staple monsoon activity! You may want to club this with our next activity in line!

Indoor Fort Fun

Indoor Fort_Top 6 Indoor Activities For The Monsoons

Source: pinterest.com

Everyone can remember an afternoon from their childhood that was spent in one of these forts. Back then, we did it every day! Revisit the activity this monsoon and get nostalgic as you gather your cosiest throws, cushions, and pillows. Set base in front of your TV to sip on hot cocoa as you enjoy your favourite movie. Or, better still, set some memories on paper with a bunch of pens, glue pens, and photos to create a fun family journal!

Healthy Treating

Make Your Own Healthy Treats_Top 6 Indoor Activities For The Monsoons

Source: cookinglight.com

All your sweet cravings come alive when the skies are crying. But it’s best you don’t give in to them if you’re watching your weight. Instead, you can trick your body with making your own little sweet treats. Since you’re the master of what you put in, you can switch sugar with honey or dates for a healthier twist. Don’t leave out steaming beverages like hot cocoa, tea, and coffee. Keep a flask handy for refills! And how could we forget the crunchy munchies. Pan fry them and enjoy them in your very own fort!

Quality Time With Books

Revisit Your Childhood With Comic Books_Top 6 Indoor Activities For The Monsoons

Source: appreciategoods.com

Keep it light hearted in the gloomy weather with your collection of comic books. Or gripping and intense to match the ambiance outdoors with your favourite thriller reads. If you have little kids at home, indulge them with a story telling session they’ll love. In case you have friends over and they’re stranded, announce an impromptu slumber party and replicate a bonfire scene, replete with the much-anticipated horror story session!

Board Game Mania

Board Games_Top 6 Indoor Activities For The Monsoons

Source: hippolandromania.ro

While most of us associate board games with some level of seriousness, there’s one activity on the block that will turn the tables. Gear up for the Speak Out challenge that will have you rolling on the floor laughing! Watch as everyone takes their turn at saying phrases only to sound ridiculously funny, thanks to the mouthpieces that hold them back! Who said monsoon had to be gloomy? This rain game will assure you a generous bout of good humour!

Basking In The Spa Experience

Treat Yourself To A Hot Bath Therapeutic Bath_Top 6 Indoor Activities For The Monsoons

Source: bronnley.co.uk

While the weather outside is harsh, it’s important to stay cosy indoors. Whether it’s a hard day after work or a weekend with plenty of time at hand, set up a therapeutic bath with bathing salts and aromatic candles. This will work to relieve stress and usher in tranquility and calm. Make up for the lack of motivation to visit the spa in the rains, by creating your indoor retreat!

This monsoon, indulge in rainy season activities that promise to entertain, thrill, and leave you relaxed. Make the most of your quality time indoors, with our list of things-to-do!
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