Japanese Beauty Secrets To Try Today
September 26, 2018

Japan has been inspiring beauty trends worldwide for years; from using rice powder as makeup mattifier to the original red lips adorned by the geishas, Japan has lead the way. After Korean beauty, also known as K-Beauty, captured people’s imagination for a while, Japanese or J-beauty is rapidly garnering attention.

While deep-rooted in tradition, J beauty also knows how to reinvent itself and stay ahead in the innovation arena. Brands like Shiseido have successfully created a niche with their trendsetting products and continue to do so.

Where K beauty is all about ten-step beauty routines, trendy make-up in fun packaging and the glassy look, J beauty leans more towards a minimalist approach. Prevention not correction is the ideology around which Japanese beauty products are created.

Here are the top Japanese beauty secrets that embrace both the traditional and modern.

Minimalistic Skincare Regime

Minimalistic Skincare Regime_Japanese Beauty Secrets

source: herworld.com

The simple approach of the Japanese towards their beauty routines is reflected in their J-beauty concentrates more towards cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising and sun protection as compared to the K-beauty regime which focuses more on the process of using toners, rubber masks, essences and serums. Minimalism is key, wherein a handful of effective products are set to the task. Looking to stack up on the essentials? Look for products with botanicals, rice bran, seaweed, green tea, and Azuki beans.

Oils For Skincare

Oils For Skincare_Japanese Beauty Secrets

source: zdrowie.tvn.pl

Oils hold an important place, no wonder their skin glows from the inside out! Botanical oils and other signature oils remain the Japanese beauty secrets for everything from cleansing to toning. Camelia is a popularly used floral oil which fights the signs of ageing by softening fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring moisture. Oils are massaged into the skin following different massage techniques to give youthful-looking skin. You could also benefit from oil cleansing and face massages using natural oils for that healthy glow.

Healing Baths

Healing Baths_Japanese Beauty Secrets

source: jpninfo.com

The Japanese spend a lot of time and thought into making their baths a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and it sure does show on their skin. People use Onsens or communal baths and Furos or home baths to soak their skin in hot water for hours on end. Apart from mineral water baths, you could also try a rice bran water soak like the Japanese. The ingredient is popular for its antioxidant and natural emollient properties.

Intensive Sun Protection

Intensive Sun Protection_Japanese Beauty Secrets

source: dailyvanity.sg

An important part of J-beauty regime is protecting against the harmful effects of the sun which can make your skin look prematurely old. Apart from using antioxidant-richSPF creams and gels, they also use products with Wakame Kelp, a type of sea algae which helps protect the skin against UV rays and pollution. This secret to youthful skin is now yours; get started by looking for products with rejuvenating sea algae.

Subtle Makeup

Subtle Makeup_Japanese Beauty Secrets

source: jpninfo.com

Japanese makeup trends for 2018 bring together the essence of the old with the vivacity of the new. This season, it is all about big, round eyes, rosy flushed cheeks, matte skin and highlighters that subtly shimmer. The focus has dropped from heavy eye makeup and dense fake eyelashes towards more natural-looking beauty. This season, it is all about getting that innocent and gentle look which can easily make hearts melt!

Nutrient-Dense, Antioxidant-Rich Diets

The Japanese owe much of their youthful looks to healthy, nutrition-rich diets and antioxidant-rich ingredients. The key ingredients that the Japanese include in their diet for youthful skin and overall health include green tea, fish, seaweed, and foods rich in vitamin C like parsley, goya, and broccoli.

Your answer to healthier, glowing skin lies in these Japanese beauty secrets. Shop for all the products you need to add to your beauty kit today!

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