April 28, 2017

Summer vacations are almost here and the one concern that a majority of parents have, is how to keep their little ones entertained through the day! Rather than having them sitting around staring at a TV, computer or a phone screen, you can pick up some interesting toys for them. Here are a few options that will not only keep your kids busy, but also allow you to spend some time with them as well!

Board Games


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A perfect way to learn, have fun and develop new skills, board games are suitable for any child. From Chess to Checkers, Word Games and Puzzles, the options available are far more diverse than you would expect! If you don’t want to invest in multiple games, there are now also sets that offer eight games all packed into one exciting package. Want something that will keep not only the children but also you entertained for hours? Check out the classic money and banking game, Monopoly. Fair warning, this game can get quite competitive!

DIY Kits


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If board games don’t draw the interest of your children, check out the wide range of Do-It-Yourself kits that are great for both boys and girls of ages six and above. Budding young engineers will love the build-a-car kits that are easy to make and yet challenging enough to keep them busy. For all the young girls who love playing dress-up, the body art, friendship-bracelet and nail art kits are sure to make them feel like it’s Christmas!

Arts & Creativity


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Bring out your child’s creative side and help them explore their talents through an art or craft themed game. Explore the worlds of weaving, spiral art, finger painting, jewellery making, moulding and creative colouring, along with your children. For kids who have a wild imagination and love to doodle, these are some of the best toys that you could gift them!

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