July 14, 2017

Monsoon is much awaited season as it brings along a fresh breath of air. The rains have their own charm as they change the environment with lot of greenery and soothing atmosphere which is a relief from the sweltering heat. Our skin and hair undergo a lot of changes during this season.  Therefore it is essential to follow a hair care routine to keep away from the problems  like dandruff, fizziness and loss of hair. The pollutants in the rain water along with the increased humidity makes the hair lifeless, dull, frizzy and more prone to breakage. Hence a hair care routine is essential to maintain a healthy scalp and make your  weak hair stronger.

Wash your hair regularly


We all love to sit back and watch the blissful rain from our homes which seldom happens. We are constantly on the move and often encounter rain water duing the monsoons. It is important to wash your hair and clean your scalp if you come in contact with rainwater, and not just towel-dry your hair. The pollutants in the water will make your hair frizzy and dull or oily due to the humidity in the atmosphere.

Use a mild shampoo


The chances of dandruff increases during the rainy season, so a mild shampoo should be used to wash your tresses. A shampoo that will help in cleansing, nourishing as well as reducing breakage would be great choice for your scalp.



Oiling your scalp this season is extremely helpful  in numerous ways. There are many hair oils available in the market; you must pick a brand which is suitable for your hair type. Oiling the scalp during monsoons helps in reducing dandruff and gives the hair a natural sheen. At the same time, care needs to be taken if you have weak hair as rigorous massaging may damage your roots. Also applying excess oil will lead to over-shampooing  which might tend to damage your hair.

Keep away from styling products


During this season it is advisable to keep avoid styling products like gel, wax, or exposing your hair to any kind of heating, curling. The usage of these styling products should be bare minimum, if required. These products make the scalp dry  which causes dandruff  you must instead, invest in a hair mask, which will rejuvenate your scalp.

Drink adequate water & eat healthy


During humid weather you must keep yourself hydrated  and consume healthy food which helps in maintaining a healthy scalp. A diet rich in proteins, vitamins, iron should be consumed as they help in strengthening the hair follicles.  You should indulge yourself with food products like eggs, walnuts, spinach, fish, and fruit during monsoon.

This monsoon season make use of these tips on a  routine basis  for a healthy scalp and hair. Don’t stop enjoying the rains but  remember to wash your hair, towel dry it regularly. Always comb your hair  with a wide-tooth comb to de-tangle them and maintain a healthy diet.

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