An Update On The Skirt Suit Trend
November 21, 2018

While pantsuits are already enjoying their moment of fame, they now share front row seats with another trend from the past. The only difference is that the good old pants have been replaced by its feminine counterparts; skirts.

Skirts have been symbolic of the feminine style since time immemorial. The 20th century was full of powerful women who made a statement in their skirt suits. Now, the skirt suit trend is back with modifications that you will not be able to resist.

Stay with us as we run you through the best of the skirt suit trend.

Work Mode On_Skirt suit styling


Work Mode On – Skirt suits, which used to be the ultimate office attire has been away from the spotlight for quite some time now. However, this powerful combination has hit the runways once again, and we cannot contain ourselves. Authority, elegance, panache, the skirt suit trend promises it all. Tweed seems to have hit the bullseye, dominating women’s formal styling. Not just that, it can also help keep you warm when the temperatures start to drop this autumn. Choose colours like pink and nude that are subtle, yet fresh for the office environment!

Make A Statement_Skirt suit styling


Statement Skirt Suits – Anyone who says skirt suits are for corporate jungles only has some serious catching up to do when it comes to fashion. It has managed to acquire a celebrity status, by gracing the red carpets. This year is all about experimenting with various styles, cuts and designs. From dangerous cuts to ultra-ruffled, ladies skirt suits have mastered it all. You can opt for colours in shades of green that are a big hit from the autumn/winter palette.

Double Denim It_Skirt suit styling


Denim Skirt Suit – The love for casual dressing amongst the masses inspired designers to create skirt suits for women with denim. Reach out for a denim skirt suit if you don’t want to go overboard with the formal theme. With denim being the fabric, there comes a wide range of styling options. Bright scarves are a great way to add a fun element to your outfit. This one with a thigh-high slit can be worn to a casual party.

Embrace Quirkiness_Skirt suit styling


Quirky Skirt Suits – Off late, the fashion world seems to have been rightfully obsessed with quirky. If you’re big on experimentation and don’t want to wear this gorgeous combination the conventional way, this will work best. From asymmetrical hemlines to bright shades, there’s a whole world out there for you to experiment. Tie your outfit together with a self-patterned belt and get ready to own the night!

Take a break from the usuals and dress yourself in the latest skirt suit styles. Nothing spells elegance quite like this ensemble. Shop online for an array of ladies skirt suits.

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