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Way Back in Time!

August 10, 2016

Timelessly luxurious design, expert craftsmanship and one of a kind product is every watch lover’s dream come true. True connoisseurs approve of nothing but the best and that is exactly what Jaipur Watch Company represents. They are the first company in India to offer bespoke watches. The staggering collection of limited edition handcrafted watches are for those who dwell on ancient charms, royal characters and yet lead a modern lifestyle. Every watch is an heirloom piece which tells a story through its motifs, embellishments and bespoke elements, being passed down the generations.

Collections that make one reminisce ancient times:

King’s Wristwear Collections


Indian currency has a long history of milestones. The King’s Wristwear Collection marks one such milestone. During the economic crisis of the World War 2, a hole was punched into the coins to reduce the minting costs of the currency. These coins mark an era of economic adaptation which the country underwent. The design combines the royal history, the traces of economic adaptation and the efficiency of a Swiss machine, thus creating a timeless piece.  The dial contains a one paisa coin of the British era while the straps are made of genuine leather.

Envika Collection

crystal watches 1

Experience sophistication in sparkle. The company’s Envika crystal watch collection tells a multitude of stories through their designs; stories of flair and flamboyance, of panache and elegance. This collection is embedded with handpicked Swarovski crystals that add some extra bling to your life. Made from a stainless steel body they are water resistant till 30mts. The collection is so vast that it will difficult for you to choose.

The Peacock Watch


A beautiful peacock dancing with its feather spread in all its majestic glory is enough to mesmerize you. The beautiful colours and textures of a peacock’s feathers cannot be found or replicated anywhere else. This beautiful peacock watch from Jaipur Watch Company is set in with a real peacock feather in its dial. This watch in represents the regality of a peacock dancing in all its glory, making you fall in love with nature every second of your day.

A watch is an investment that one makes very carefully. All watches from JWC are made to be cherished as heirlooms that are worthy of being passed down the generations. Bring back those timeless moments and relive the history by getting yourself one of these exquisite watches.


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