Weekend Getaway Packing Tips For Every Destination
November 22, 2018

Are you heading for a fun day at an exotic beach destination or travelling to a beautiful hill station this weekend? Regardless of what’s in your weekend bucket list, to make it a success, it’s all about smart planning and smarter packing! It may seem like a challenge at first but a few tips and hacks will help you what to put in and what to skip! Good news is, we’ve made it easier! So whether it’s a beach locale or a chilly winter retreat, we’ve put together all the travel essentials you’ll need to tag along taking into consideration the duration of your trip, the climatic conditions, and the terrain. Don’t waste a minute, check out our weekend getaway packing tips and get started!

When The Beach Beckons_Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

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When The Beach Beckons – Clear skies, blue water, and warm winds, a weekend at an exotic sunny beach sounds super fun! However, when packing for a beach trip, taking some extra care always helps. Make it a point to pack comfortable and loose clothing in cotton or linen fabric to stay comfortable even when the humidity increases. Also, since a dip in the cool water may be on the list of priorities, ensure  you skip those heavy towels and go for light microfiber towels; they dry faster and absorb water more efficiently. And, it goes without saying that a sunscreen is a must. Since prolonged exposure to sun on beaches can be harmful to your skin, choose a waterproof sunscreen with SPF 50 and a wide-brimmed hat. Don’t forget to add flip-flops, sunglasses, and multiple sets of swimwear to your suitcase; and you’re ready for the sea, sun, and sand!

Onward To The Hills_Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

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Onward To The Hills – Planning for a hilly escapade away from the busy city life? Here are the things to carry while travelling. Warm clothes like pullovers and hoodies are travel essentials to say warm during your sojourn. However, avoid bulky sweaters and jackets and pack thermals instead. They are lightweight and will do the job well. Make sure to pack a pair of winter boots to combat the hilly terrain and keep your feet warm. To stay protected from the elements, a moisturiser and a hydrating lip balm should certainly make it to your weekend getaway packing list. Although the weather may be chilly, the sun’s UV rays aren’t forgiving. To stay protected, a good sunscreen and protective sunglasses need to be a priority.

Up For A Desert Escapade _Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

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Up For A Desert Escapade – Sand dune driving, camel riding, and quad biking, holidays at desert locations are adventurous and exhilarating. However, it is crucial to consider the extreme climatic condition when you pack bags for travel. Opt for garments made from light fabrics such as cotton and linen. They will keep you cool in the desert heat and take up less space in the bag. However, stay prepared for chilly nights too by packing in a few jackets, since desert temperatures drastically drop after sunset. Some additional travel essentials to add to your bag include scarves, wide-brimmed hats, and sunglasses, all of which help to ward off sand and stop them from settling on your skin or hair. Avoid flip-flops and instead, pack a sturdy pair of high ankle hiking boots to prevent sand from getting into your shoes. When it comes to clothing, choose full-length pants over shorts to prevent the harsh desert sand from abrading your skin. Lastly, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is a must to prevent sun damage or tanning.

For A Trek In Nature’s Lap _Weekend Getaway Packing Tips

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For A Trek In Nature’s Lap – Trekking in the forest and exploring nature is one of the best ways to spend the weekend. However, packing bags for travel to a trekking site can be tricky, since the checklist can get quite extensive. To make things simple, we’ve made a minimal list with every essential you’ll ever need on your adventurous trip. Start off with a backpack that is lightweight yet sturdy. Add on important items like rain gear (when it pours unexpectedly), a water sipper (remember – hydration is key to stay energised), and comfortable trekking shoes (to conquer any terrain your encounter!). You can also pack a small kit of toiletries including hand towels, sunscreen, insect repellent, and hand sanitiser. Ensure you pack clothes and undergarments that are crafted from sweat-wicking fabrics to stay comfy 24×7. If an exciting night under the stars is on your bucket list, carry a lightweight sleeping bag and a flashlight too! 

Some More Tips To Help You Pack Bags For Travel:

  • Invest in a good-quality lightweight suitcase or bag
  • Carry makeup, skincare, and toiletries in travel size bottles
  • Always roll the garments and place it in your bag. Folded garments take up space, on the other hand, rolled up clothes take less space and prevent creases too
  • Pack garments that can be mixed and matched instead of carrying too many clothing items
  • Keep your in-flight essentials in a separate pouch or fanny pack to avoid having to open your backpack each time
  • Add on a first-aid kit to ensure you’re prepared for any emergency on your trip.
  • While packing bags for travel, place your socks inside the shoes to save space
  • Carry dry snacks in small ziplock bags for a quick boost of energy


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