10 Best Body Scrubs for Glowing Skin
July 12, 2019

There are a hundred different ways to care for our face, but we often skimp out on taking care of the body. Apart from sheer laziness, one basic reason is that around 88% of the women are unaware of the right products for their skin! Making things easier for you, here are 10 best body scrubs for glowing skin.

When it comes to making a skin care regime, discipline and knowledge are key. No matter how blessed you are with supple blemish-free skin or how good your body wash is, you need something that will do more than just cleanse. An exfoliating body scrub is your best bet to buff off dead skin and reveal a natural glow.

L’Occitane- Almond Body Scrub

Summers are a harsh season on not just the skin on your face but the body too. If you experience dry, flaky skin throughout the year, try L’Occitane’s almond cleansing and exfoliating body scrub. Infused with flaked almonds, this paraben and sulfate free exfoliating body scrub is extremely hydrating and tackles skin dullness like a pro!

Use it twice a week for and watch your skin feel softer and healthier as the almond oil and butter work their magic. One of the best natural scrubs for glowing skin, rejuvenate your body by pampering it to look radiant and flawless all day, every day.

Kama Ayurveda- Neem Tulsi Tea Tree Body Scrub

Clear away dehydrated, dull skin with the natural Neem Tulsi Tea Tree exfoliating body scrub. Natural ingredients like coconut oil derivatives and fermented sugar granules will exfoliate your skin to leave it smooth. Neem and tea tree will combat acne and oily pores leaving behind a nourished, revitalised body. Natural walnut extracts act as a mild buffing agent on sensitive skin while tulsi soothes the body with its therapeutic properties.

This natural scrub for glowing skin is so mild on the body that it can be used every alternate day to unclog pores and tone the skin.

The Body Shop- French Grape Seed Body Scrub


Infused with antioxidants, the French Grape Seed exfoliating body scrub by Body Shop boosts cell repair and production of skin cells in the body to reduce the signs of ageing. A moisturising cream-based body scrub, grape seed powder is an excellent antioxidant that works well for dry, oily and combination skin.

Worth every penny, plump up your skin with a spa day at home and enjoy a lustrous body all year long.

Natio- Wellness Body Scrub


Enriched with apricot seed powder and pomegranate, use this body scrub for glowing skin. A jar full of gritty hydrating ingredients, Nation’s wellness body scrub exfoliates off dead skin gently without scraping the body. Its moisturising creamy texture nourishes dull skin, and its fruity pomegranate fragrance leaves you feeling refreshed.

An excellent body scrub for glowing skin, give your skin the gift of youth with this delightfully moisturising jar of goodness.

Forest Essentials- Sandalwood and Turmeric Body Polisher


Taking age-old grandma kitchen secrets and blending them with ayurvedic oils, herbs and revitalising sea salt crystals, Forest Essential’s body polisher is a real winner in the natural scrub category. A scrumptious-smelling natural body scrub for glowing skin, tackle dry, ageing and dull body skin with the regular use of this magic concoction.

Herbs like turmeric and ashwagandha reduce signs of skin ageing while natural oils replenish the skin with sparkling radiance. With no artificial ingredients, this natural scrub for glowing skin is suitable for all skin types.

Innisfree- Green Tea Pure Body Gel Scrub


Deep clean pores and control sebum levels in the summers with this gentle exfoliating body scrub. Ideal for oily skin, tea tree extracts keeps acne at bay by minimising sebum, its natural particles gentle buff off dead skin and moisturise the body.

Hydrate and detox your body with a combination of rejuvenating ingredients at the comfort of your home. Use this gel daily as a cleanser and an exfoliator for clean, blemish-free skin.

MCaffeine- Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub


Pure Arabica coffee and cold-pressed coconut oil- an indulgent combination that will leave your skin feeling squeaky clean and super hydrated. Fighting everyday pollution, dust and dirt that impact your body skin, this raw coffee body scrub will rid it of tan and impurities.

With coffee particles gently scrubbing away dead skin, cold pressed coconut oil ensures your body is not robbed of natural moisture. Refine your skin’s texture by restoring its sheen with this indulgent and aromatic body scrub for glowing skin.

BioCare- Shea Butter Body Scrub


Brewed with natural ingredients, this exfoliating scrub with shea butter works wonders on all skin types and goes easy on the pocket. A drugstore staple, get hydrated, supple skin every time you use it. Treat your body to an extra touch of luminescence as your polish off dull, dehydrated looking skin.

Use this gentle body scrub daily for best results. Its generous quantity will last you for months, so it’s a win for your wallet too!

Tree Hut – Shea Sugar Moroccan Rose Scrub


A combination of shea butter, Moroccan argan oil and rosehip oil, these ingredients rejuvenate dry, dull looking body skin. Restore skin elasticity and texture with this gentle sugar scrub. Formulated using a blend of organic shea butter and six vitalising oils, its intense exfoliation will pamper your skin while retaining its natural lustre.

Work towards balancing your body for healthier, wrinkle-free skin with this exfoliating body scrub. Plus, smell like a dream every time you use it!

Kiehl’s- Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub


Rich, indulgent and creamy- three terms that are synonymous with Kiehl’s gently exfoliating body scrub. A gentle yet efficient scrub, Kiehl’s sinful jar of body moisturization will leave your skin feel primed, soft and velvety smooth.

Its natural, micro-bead free particles go easy on sensitive skin while its skin- boosting emollients infuse your body with a natural shine.

It’s pretty easy to feel lost when you are trying to pick a natural scrub for glowing skin. With so many options in the market, choose the best ones available online at Shopper’s Stop!.

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