August 24, 2016

Here are 10 restaurants to provide you with brilliant inspirations in order to decorate your own humble abode with certain authenticity and creativity.

Peshawari, Mumbai


Designed to emulate the rough demeanor of the North West frontier, the interior décor at Peshawari allows us to relive a bygone era. The wooden block menus, further, perfectly emphasize on the historical setting, along with the restaurant’s earthy crockery and wooden stools.

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Bukhara, ITC Maurya, New Delhi


A stunning display kitchen stands out at the corner which may just inspire you to instigate a similar contemporary twist in a fairly traditional setting. The Bukhara restaurant achieves an ethnic ambiance through its classic stonewalls, Bukhara carpets, rough-hewn trestle tables, and wooden stools.

Dum Pukht, ITC Maurya, New Delhi


Bringing back the regal era of Nawabs, the Dum Pukht restaurant in New Delhi, goes on to celebrate a certain royal heritage. Extensive use of crystal and china, along with the Awadhi style glass lamps brings ethnic authenticity, and so do the colonial furniture decorated with Zardozi embroidery.

Villa Maya, Trivandrum


A restored 18th century mansion serves as a perfect base for a relaxed dining experience. Here, you would find a charming bungalow with a beautiful courtyard garden that sets the scene for a fine outdoor dining experience within its many patios.

Agashiye, Ahmedabad


The Agashiye restaurant promises a traditional Gujarati experience. A small wooden cottage with two large terraces are great for outdoor dining, as a perfect ambiance is achieved with a few breath-taking fountains and designer mosaic tiles that build-up the ethic atmosphere.

Pinch of Spice, Agra


This restaurant presents a modernist take on a fairly classic décor. The sophisticated atmosphere here is achieved through the elegant furniture and amazing chandelier deigns that remain contemporary and regal.

Karavali, The Taj, Bangalore


The Karavali restaurant is a rather simple depiction of a typical Mangalorean home, detailed with wooden ceiling and furniture and highlighted with antique lamps hanging above.

Bar Palladio, Jaipur


The restaurant is a tribute to the Mughal era. The many shades of blue celebrated with carved marble only complements the resident city, as the glowing lanterns illuminate the traditional upholstery and crystal glassware.

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Lakhori, Delhi


An old charm with a blend of modern and traditional décor is on display here, as the Lakhori restaurant flaunts its decorated balconies and windows decked with stained glass art.

Lavaash, Mehrauli


Here, a Bengali influence is clear due to the detailed work on bright peacock motifs displaying the hues of black and white. The Kantha chairs bring back an era traditional Bengali artwork to support its infusion with an Armenian cuisine.

So, it seems that your own interior decoration plan may either involve full commitment to a theme or a mixture of different cultural elements to create something unique.

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