February 20, 2019

Every man’s wardrobe reflects his personality. While it can seem like a task to redefine your entire wardrobe, it does not have to be so. By simply ensuring that you have the right accessories  in your closet, you can be ready for any occasion.

Here are 10 accessories that every man absolutely must have.




A men’s watch is versatile, goes with any outfit and thus is an investment. This is something that you will cherish for years to come and perhaps may even want to hand-down to your future son.

Tie and Bowtie


You can never have too many ties and bowties, as they bring together any outfit. Ensure that you own at least one silk tie, a few solid coloured ties, and a subtle stripped navy-blue tie.


Mens Wallets

A shabby wallet looks bad, even if you are impeccably dressed. If you do not like carrying around a wallet, opt for a money clip cum phone-cover that allows you to store some cash along with your phone.

Card Holder

Card Holder

Storing your business card in a sleek and stylish case is an absolute must to make a bold statement. Simply pulling a card out of one of these is sure to impress people immediately.

Sunglasses / Spectacles

Men Sunglasses

Besides offering protection from the sun, sunglasses also give you an aura of mystery. Identify your face shape and choose a frame that suits you best. If you wear spectacles, try out a stylish half-rimmed frame and get heads turning.

Pocket Square


A silk or cotton pocket-square is the perfect accessory to make any suit immediately look dapper. If you are unsure of how to wear it, check out a few of the different folding styles online and give it a go!



Cufflinks are a very personal style statement for a man. They can either be monogrammed with your initials or sport something more personal like your pet or your loved-one’s initials.

Messenger Bag

Messenger Bags

Whether it is a side-satchel or a leather laptop bag, every man must own a minimalistic and elegant bag. Avoid anything too flashy as it will just distract from whatever you wear.

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A scarf is an accessory that at once makes you look both uber-stylish and sophisticated. For those cold winter days, ditch the hoodies and instead try on a thick woollen scarf to up your style game.



Pick up a few belts in different colours and materials so that you have a fair share to choose from when you are styling an outfit. Try to match your belt to your shoes to bring your outfit together.

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