June 3, 2016

People often say “I would rather have a passport full of stamps than a house full of objects.” If you are in love with travelling and you have a never-ending bucket list, pull up your socks and start planning. Fascinating places from Geography books and encyclopaedias may have already left you spellbound and inspired to start planning. Here we come with some most important tips on packing, what to take and what to leave behind. Scroll down this ‘what to carry escort’ for the awesome travel experience.

1. Stay Connected all the Way
In today’s world where the connectivity of mobiles through a messenger, calls, chat and emails is a bare minimum necessity and not a luxury; every traveller should carry a World travel adapter always. These travel adapters have points that fit with electric boards of various countries like USA, UK, Europe and Australia and reduce the hassle of carrying several mobile chargers. It is also very useful in case of stopovers and can be easily used at airports.

2. Always Travel Light
Travel hassle-free and light with cool and funky looking backpacks. Backpacks have a spacious main compartment along with inner zip and outer zip pockets and it is easy to pack and store there. There are some amazing vibrant looking backpacks by Fastrack which keep the traveller organised and the fine quality material is a good resistant against all odd weather conditions. This is ideal for trekking ad adventure trips like camping.

3. Comfort around the Neck
Another very important travel necessity is a neck pillow (preferably a two-way one) for camping and hassle free overnight halts in tents, in the airport, airplane, bus or car. Choose a neutral colour so that it can be used by both men and women.

4. Travel with Security
Travel wallet is indispensable during any vacation as it has separate pockets and space for money, coins, tickets, cards and sometimes even passport. All in one place gives the traveller pleasure of finding things at one go.

5. The Perfect Pouch
Travel pouch also serves the same purpose and helps travellers to keep travel related items in right place. The unisex pouch by Carlton comes with strap whose length can be adjusted when needed. This pouch has a designer look and is quite fashionable.Untitled-3

6. Style Statement with Bag
Tommy Hilfiger has an amazing Duffle Bag, which is convenient is carrying different travel related items like clothes, books, accessories, cosmetics, shoes and food. The different compartments, varying in size cater to various items.

7. Travel Safe with Padlock
People must take care of their belongings while travelling and keep them secured and safe under number combination padlock.

8. Long Duration Holidays
When the holiday is long and extensive, pack your stuff in the hard trolley so that everything fits and remains organised. Hard trolley by Delsey comes in various colour ranges and smart designs. The sturdy material which is polycarbonate, resists from rough weather conditions and the various pockets offer ample storage space.

9. All Girls Vacation
Chevron backpack by Life is an ideal pick for woman travellers for its design, colour and usability in terms of storage and lightweight to be carried easily and used as a cabin luggage.

10. Comfort and Convenience
Easy storage and stylish toiletry kit bags by Skybags provide ample space to stow daily essentials and provide complete convenience during holidays.


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