10 Ways To Personalise Your Kids’ Room Decor
October 16, 2019

A room reflects its owner’s personality. For children, it is a secure place they associate their childhood with, a private space in the teenage years and a place to relax as an adult. So, when it comes to your kids’ room decor, pay special attention to it because it might be witness to your child’s most important life moments.  A bedroom is a place where kids spend most of their time. Watching TV, playing, eating, sleeping and studying, the bedroom is one space where kids feel most comfortable in. 

No wonder then, the kids’ room decor should be stylish, practical, fun, cosy and comfortable. The décor should be practical and geared towards their growing needs. When designing kids’ room decor, the focus must be on creating a lot of light, airy space that they can play around in. 

Here are some tips that can be followed to get the décor of your little one’s room right: 

10 Ways To Personalise Your Kids’ Room Decor


1. Choose subtle colours like white, light grey, pink or light blue for your kids’ bedroom design. These don’t just make the room look bigger but also offer a soothing effect that further makes the room seem cosy and comfortable. 

2. Use colourful cupboards, benches, and racks for storage and functionality as part of your kids’ room design. Don’t overdo it though. The room might look cluttered then. Also, keep them in close range of kids, preferably at a height they are comfortable accessing, so they can use it easily and independently.

3. Try painting glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling. These will not just provide the adequate dim light at night but also keep children excited about turning off the lights. 

10 Ways To Personalise Your Kids’ Room Decor


4. Create an art corner in the room. Mount a board and display your children’s crafts to serve as an encouragement. You can also use one of the walls for the same purpose by letting the kids decorate and paint it the way they want to. Let their creativity adorn the walls, adding colour and vibrancy to their rooms and making the room their own.

5. Include artworks or décor pieces related to their favourite animals, such as dogs, or educational aids such as world maps. These add to the fun in the child’s room while helping them broaden their knowledge.

6. Similarly, adding accents like fans, bedsheets and blankets with your child’s favourite cartoon characters is a great kids’ room idea to make the room feel more like theirs. This will also encourage them to keep it clean (from time to time).

7. Always have cushioned floor covers, either by way of a soft carpet or furry rugs, all over the room. Children often run around in their rooms and house. The cushioned floor ensures that there is no major injury if they fall while playing. 

10 Ways To Personalise Your Kids’ Room Decor


8. Try keeping glass décor items at bay in your children room. Replace them with plastic, fur items and soft toys. 

9. If the room is small and is shared by two or more children, use bunk beds. They take up lesser space, look funky and fun, and are loved by kids. Make sure they have a sturdy railing to avoid a fall or mishap. 

10. A good kids’ room idea will include a calm study corner for them to focus. An adjustable or foldable study table and a chair would do the needful and wouldn’t cover unnecessary space either. 

The key to your kids’ room design is to find the right balance between the available space and your kid’s comfort. If you’re revamping the décor of your whole house, you can also check out our blog on Décor Ideas For Festive Occasions. Find all you need to decorate your home at Shoppers Stop online or in-store. 

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