11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit
October 22, 2019

Gone are the days when men rarely experimented with the latest fashion trends. Nowadays, men have their own sense of style. However, there isn’t much information on men’s styling as there is for women. This is often the reason why men end up imitating someone else’s style without understanding their personality type. In the below read, we have highlighted some of the common clothing mistakes men should avoid. 

Tucking In A T-Shirt

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


A T-shirt is a casual piece of clothing and is often worn with jeans or shorts, meant to be left untucked. You can, however, try a ‘French Tuck’. 

When you buy a tee, make sure that it is not too long and is of proper length to fit you just right for a casual look.

Picking Up The Wrong Tie

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


A good tie is usually not wider than 3.75 inches. However, picking up a tie has a lot to do with your body type. For example, if men with lean body pick ties that are too wide, it will give a mediocre look.

A tie is often worn on special occasions. Whether it is a romantic date with your significant other or an important office presentation, make sure you do not go wrong with the tie.

Accessorising Too Much

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


Minimalistic is the new buzzword in the fashion world. However, some men like to wear it all. They combine a bracelet, wristband and watch without realising they are overdoing it. The best thing to do is to choose only the accessories that elevate your overall appearance.

Poor Fabric Quality

Men tend to ignore fabric quality and think of it as only a secondary parameter after the style of the outfit. No doubt looks matter. However, what about the feel?

Clothes with synthetic or polyester fabric may slightly cheaper but can cause discomfort, especially during summers. Synthetic fabric can also lose shape after you wash it a couple of times.

Hence, it is important to carefully choose the fabric of the clothes you buy. Cotton is a great option all year-round. It is gentle on your skin and lets it breathe easily, so you can wear it for a long time. 

Flaunting Undershirt

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


The sole purpose of wearing an undershirt is to prevent staining of the shirt due to sweat, body oils, dirt etc. Neither is it meant to be exposed nor to be worn as an actual shirt. Avoid this common fashion mistake by ensuring that your undershirt is not visible, as it can give off an unprofessional aura.

Going Wrong With The Belt Colour

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


For formal occasions, it is best that the colour of your belt matches the colour of your dress shoes. For casual events, if you are wearing sport shoes, you can wear a thicker casual belt instead of a formal dress belt.

Apart from the colour, you also need to match the finish of your belt and shoes. For example, if your belt has a shiny finish, your shoes need to be shiny as well. Avoid belts that have buckles that are too ornamental, as they might look garish.

Oversized Clothes

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


Would you be surprised if we tell you that this is one of the most common fashion mistakes by men? A lot of men buy oversized clothes without realising that it actually looks bad on them.

Skinny men often buy a bigger size thinking it will create an illusion of bulk, and heavier men think oversized clothes will hide the parts they are insecure about. However, it can actually worsen the look. Buy clothes that fit you just right. Well-fitted clothes can accentuate your style and contribute to your fashion statement.

Too Many Colours Or Prints

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


Whether spending time with friends or being at a formal evening event, do not mix too many colours or prints in your outfit. If you are wearing a suit, it is best you limit the style to two colours and patterns.

For example, if you are wearing a shirt with patterns, keep the tie and the jacket basic. And, if you are wearing a patterned jacket, you can wear a patterned tie with a plain shirt. All things patterned can make you look too jazzy.

Unless you are supremely confident in your style, avoid wearing several loud colours. If  you’re mixing different colours, make sure they belong to the same colour family or complement each other. 

Wearing sneakers with formal pants

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


As much attention is given to picking the latest in trendy clothes, your footwear deserves some too. You Wearing sneakers with formal pants is as bad as wearing dress shoes with beach shorts.

Your footwear says a lot about your style. In fact, a report suggests that a woman is most likely to judge you by your shoes. So, make sure you correctly match your footwear style with your outfit.

The Wrong Socks

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


While you might think that no one looks at socks, remember that every detail of your appearance could affect what people think of you. Wearing worn-out socks can be very embarrassing when you do need to remove your shoes in public. Also, remember to wear appropriate socks for the setting. Black, navy blue and white are appropriate socks for formal attire while those with quirky prints are more suited for casual outings and snazzy social media pictures. 

Following Every New Trend

11 Fashion Faux Pax That Men Commit


It is great that you are keen on following new fashion trends. This means you love changing your style with fashion. However, it is also important to understand that you don’t need to adapt to every changing trend.

Find a style you are comfortable with and for the most part, stick to it. If you see a new trend you’d like to try, you can pick elements of it that you can follow instead of changing your style overnight. If you get compliments, you know you’ve found a new style!.

To keep looking your best, steer clear of the above-listed mistakes. Check out Shoppers Stop latest online and in store collection for all things trendy in men’s fashion. If you want tolook at outfits for different occasions, check out our blog on Outfit Combinations For Men For Every Occasion.

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