2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For
January 23, 2020

With the New Year, you get a second take at everything, to start afresh. It also means a new wardrobe full of refreshing new trends straight off the runway. Every year, fashion designers from across the globe come together to showcase what the New Year has in store for us. From Paris to London to New York, the options are endless and so very exciting. With the beginning of a new decade, 2020 promises trends are only going to get bolder, bigger and better.

So, grab a cup of hot chocolate and read on to find out how the fashion industry is set to woo us in 2020:

Evergreen Retro Prints Like Polka Dots

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

Yes, you read that right! Polka is back for good. Not your average everyday polka dots though. Spring, summer of 2020 is expected to be full of colourful ensembles that feature polka dots as the primary print. With this groundbreaking trend, step out this new year looking like a ravishing yet cheerful diva from the 60s. A retro trend that is channelled with vibrant colours and fabrics, 2020 might just be the decade that brings back playfulness to fashion.

Bohemian Vibes Of Puffed Sleeves 

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

Over-sized puffed sleeves have made a triumphant comeback in 2020. Complementing structured outfits, puffed sleeves that swell on the shoulder or gradually down the arm is a trend you will see a lot of in 2020. A structured silhouette that over-accentuates the arms will draw attention from the figure. For women looking to appear slender, this trend is bang-on!

The Dramatic Effect Of Fringes

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

Who knew 2020 would see a massive comeback with the fringe trend? Then again, it is indeed the season to hang loose in a sea of dramatic layers that offer volume to an outfit. This year you will see lots of fringed jackets, pants, dresses and more by your favourite designers.

Keep it casual in a chic-fringed denim jacket, jeans, and a comfortable white tee. You could also take your fashion game up a notch in a twirlable sequined fringe dress for a night of frenzied dancing.

Intricate Works Like Crochet 

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

There is something beautiful about a trend that has returned from the yesteryears. Getting a revamped update of its own, crochet embraces a more sustainable side of fashion that is traditional as well as beautiful.

Modern feminine dresses that are perfect for spring/summer, crochet dresses look effortlessly stylish on a sultry day out. On the contrary, a crochet bralette worn under a fitted pantsuit set oozes of understated cheekiness.

Bold And Bright Hues 

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

Highlighter-inspired fluorescent colours like pink, yellow, orange and blue are big in 2020. If subtlety is not your strong suit, this trend is for you. Born to stand out in a sea of mellows, a bright-tiered neon yellow dress with block heels is sure to make a bold entrance. And if you are looking to keep it low-key with the flair, accessorise with fluorescent hues to ace the trend in style.

Athleisure Picks Like Bras And Bralettes 

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

A trend for off-duty days, designers are playing with the idea of intimates with staple items. Designers like Dior have revolutionised how women can wear bras boldly in 2020. A soft-cup solid knit bra can be styled under a blazer with pleated trousers and heels for a sneak-peek day out look. This year, you will also witness a mix of trends like crochet bras paired with a feminine ruffled skirt for a perfect summer vibe.

Powerful Ensembles And Classy Suits 

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

If there is one trend that will definitely dominate 2020, just as it did in 2019, it is the pantsuit set. Classic, versatile and super chic, suit sets have something so appealing when played around with.

Stick to staple fits and classic prints that are perfect for formal office wear. Decide to bring a fun twist to your otherwise monochrome look with a matching vest underneath it.

Gucci’s stunning take on the suit set was not just any vest but a shiny leather one with elegant golden buttons. Funky as it looks, it is a great trend to add dimension to a monochrome outfit.

Bold Fabric Choices Like Sheer 

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

A risqué factor had to be part of 2020’s fashion trends. How else would you show off those stunning bras? A delicate sheer ruffled organza top worn with high-waisted trousers is a great outfit for those who dare to bare.

A soft camisole worn under the sheer is great for those looking for a bit of extra coverage. You can also throw on a sheer shirt over a solid white tee and shorts on a sunny day outside for a casual demeanour.

Subtle Details And Ruffles 

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

Oozing of the 80s flavour, bridesmaid charm ruffles look great now just how terrific it looked then. Swap your regular tee with a ruffled blouse and leather pants to add edginess to your outfit. Sheer ruffle dresses with small polka prints and stilettoes are a great way to incorporate different trends of the season to your outfit.

The best way to bring out the inner diva in you in 2020 is to play with different textures and silhouettes that pack a punch.

Layering With Leather Jackets

2020 Fashion Trends You Need To Prepare Your Closet For

2020 can officially be declared as the ‘Year of Leather’ or as the sustainably conscious fashion lover says, faux leather. This year though, you will see more than just staple leather outfits doing the rounds. Bright colours, metallic hues, and buttery soft-textured vegan leather are big this season.

A chic halter back leather top paired with a short-monogrammed leather skirt will be a standout combination in your closet this year. For something more classic, the combination of a leather jacket worn over a bralette and faux leather cargo pants bring a whole new wave of cheekiness.

Take your mind off bomber jackets and colour-blocking boots because spring is around the corner. While you are bundled up comfortably in your fuzzy woollens, we bring to you the best of 2020’s fashion trends that you need to look out for. Prep your closets in advance because you can find all this and more at Shoppers Stop online and retail collections.

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