3 Cute Co-ords Ideas For Dressing Your Kids In Style
March 11, 2020

Do you remember complaining to your parents or grandparents when they dressed you and your sibling up in kids co-ords? While it might have seemed unfashionable then, it’s back in vogue now! 

Co-ords, or co-ordinates, are clothing sets, often in bright colours and patterns that are either identical or complement each other well. While they are designed to be worn together, they can be worn apart as well. Like with every other bold trend, it’s important that co-ords are done right. Here’s how you can get your kids to wear this trend with these fun kids co-ord sets ideas.

A Balanced Look With Semi Co-ords

If you aren’t too sure about getting your kids in matching patterns and colours from head to toe, you don’t have to! Here’s how you can balance out their look:


Co-ords For Kids

You can get a co-ord tee and jacket set and then look for a pair of pants in a similar colour. Think a red checked shirt and a white tee with a minimal red design. Opt for a pair of red pants or joggers to complete this look.


To ace the co-ords fashion trend, try mix and match! Look for a kids co-ord set with a square necked floral printed top. Pair that with a red loose shorts for a summery look The balance of colours and patterns makes this outfit just right.

A Bold Look With Complete Co-ords

The best thing about kids’ fashion is that no matter how bold you go, they are bound to look adorable. All-co-ords is one of the most classic outfits for children.


3 Cute Co-ords Ideas For Dressing Your Kids In Style

You can look for a kids co-ord tee and shorts set in a neutral colour like grey with quirky patterns in bright colours like blue and green. Pair this outfit with sneakers in a colour that match the pattern in the co-ords set such as blue to complete the outfit.


3 Cute Co-ords Ideas For Dressing Your Kids In Style

A co-ord set with ruffles would look really adorable on your child. Look for a jogger-jacket set in a bright colour such as pink set to make a style statement. Get a pair of simple, clear sandals to go with this look.

A Trendy Look With Matching Patterns

A fun way to do co-ords is to shake things up. While you can go for the same patterns, mix up the colours. The continuity of the patterns is broken by different colours, and it makes for an overall trendy look.


For the look, pair a kids co-ord set of plain and printed tees. The shorts can be interchanged in for this combination, which makes it look understated yet stylish. The best part about this outfit? You can mix and match it with other outfits to create completely new looks!


For this look, you can dress your little girl up in   top and leggings set that have the similar colour palette, in shafdes of pink and white. While the top is solid with prints, the leggings are striped with matching colours that are sure to up your child’ style quotient. Complete this look with frilly white socks and black shoes.

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