March 27, 2018

As the sunny months of summer beckon, it’s time to throw in hints of cheerful elements to uplift the spirit of your home. Get creative with the colours, forms and shapes to brighten up the interiors.

Need help deciding? Let’s explore three fresh trends to get your house ready for summer. Vintage, urban or minimalist, whatever your preference might be, there’s something that will definitely suit your personal style.

Go Light And Green

Go Light And Green_3 Fresh Home Decor Trends

Every season is an ideal time to go green with your interiors, but summers give you an unmatched opportunity to experiment with light colours and some extra patches of green. You can start bit by bit with small indoor plants to lend your home a touch of the great outdoors. A sofa set in earthy shades like olive, mustard or beige against walls in white or grey accents will help bring in a cheerful, summery vibe to your space.

Get Cosier

Get Cosier_3 Fresh Home Decor Trends

Summer is the season when you’d want to stay indoors to protect yourself from the scorching heat outside. Rather than using the conventional yellow as the dominant colour, cast a spell of soothing coolness in your summer house decor with a monochrome palette of greys, blacks and whites. Alternatively, you could opt for pastel blues and greens. Make it a cosy corner to spend idle afternoons with your pet or books. You could have a television or gaming console nearby to make it the ‘it’ place for friends. Stock up on ample cushions, rugs and comforters and hang a few quirky canvas art pieces nearby to further give the space a snug appeal.

 Have Fun With Flowers

Have Fun With Flowers_3 Fresh Home Decor Trends

One of the top summer home decor trends is to perk up your home with some flower power. From a display of floral artworks in your bedroom to curtains featuring large petals in your living space, there’s so much you can do with flower decor. If you’re not a big fan of prints, try covert floral accents like upholstery and draperies in shades of lilac and mauve. For your kitchen, lay out dinnerware and table linen featuring floral prints in bright colours like yellow and pink.

Now that you know the trendiest ways to prepare your home for summer, there’s nothing stopping you from welcoming the new season with a fresh, new makeover for your space.

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