February 27, 2020

The sudden surge in Korean skincare may have us thinking it’s not for us. We’ve all been there – ‘Oh, it’s too complex’ or ‘umm… Am I done yet?’

Yes, the translucent glow sure may seem like a good reward for the religious, not to mention ‘rigorous’ 10-step K-skincare routine. But for the ones of us who cannot spare a minute in our busy 9-5 shifts and work-life routines, comes the 3-step routine as a sheer blessing!

Here are 3-steps to nailing the Korean skin glow in minutes!

Double Cleansing

Double-Cleansing_3-Step Korean Skincare

source: dailyvanity.sg

So you’ve been doing a single cleanse all this time? It’s time to double up the action. Korean skincare rules dictate that double cleansing is an essential face prep step to create a clean base for the subsequent products. We absolutely agree!

  • Start off with a gentle oil cleanser, which does the heavy duty work of extracting impurities and tough base makeup. All this, without stripping your face of its natural oils!
  • Next up, dispense a fair amount of gentle foaming cleanser or cleansing water. Lather it between your palms and massage into your skin gently. This is an essential face prep step to rid your skin of any residue from the cleansing oil.

Tip: Use a gentle exfoliator with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) a few times a week to rid the skin of dead skin cells and encourage a faster cell turnover rate.

7 Layer Toning

7-Layer-Toning_3-Step Korean Skincare

source: dadepdangxinh.vn

The 7-layer toning method is considered the Holy Grail for that glassy Korean skin glow. It requires 6 successive applications, which leaves the skin plump and hydrated. The repeated applications boost the PH function of your skin and ensure that the hydrating ingredientsof the toner seep right into the skin and replenish the moisture levels.

  • Start off by pouring the formula into a cotton pad and swipe it across your face, gently.
  • For the next six steps, pour a dime-sized amount onto your palm, each time, and press the product gently into your skin
  • Leave an interval of 1-2 minutes between every application

Tip: Invest in a hydrating toner with potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and other botanical extracts. Strictly avoid astringents as they can exacerbate dry skin.

Layering To Seal In Moisture

Layering To Seal In Moisture_3-Step Korean Skincare

The K-skin routine promotes maximum hydration as the secret to an incandescent complexion. This includes layering over moisturising products, kickstarted by the essence and followed by a rich, non-greasy moisturiser. The essence helps to absorb the subsequent products more effectively with its ingredient profile of moisture binding ingredients like urea or hyaluronic acid. It is also formulated with other ingredients that heal and nourish skin. The hydrating moisturiser, on the other hand, seals the moisture for an all-day hydrated look.

  • Dispense a fair amount of essence onto your fingertips and rub them together before applying it to the skin
  • Pat the product gently and avoid rubbing to ensure optimal absorption
  • Follow it up with a good moisturiser to intensely hydrate your skin, prevent fine lines, and get the much-sought-after Korean skin glow!
  • As a maintenance measure, religiously apply sunscreen for an ageless, blemish-free complexion

There you have it! Your secret to the healthy Korean glass skin glow is just 3 steps away! It all begins with the right set of products. Get started by shopping online; find our top recommendations below!

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