January 5, 2018

These days, a beard is a staple for fashionable men. Every male fashion icon seems to be rocking that facial hair. However, behind that seemingly nonchalant fuzz, is a stringent regiment of beard care to sport a well groomed beard.

If you’ve always fancied a beard of your own, but somehow keep finding yourself shaving in frustration after a few days, check out our tips on how to groom a beard to perfection.

Use Shampoo And Conditioner

Beard Shampoo

Just like you need to shampoo the hair on your head, you also need to shampoo your beard with products for beard.  Cleaning your beard regularly also helps keep it mess and odour free. Make sure you use a shampoo specially designed for beards.

Apply Beard Oils And Balms

Beard Oil

Lock in the moisture and keep your beard hair soft with the beard oils and balms. These help you avoid flaky skin and dandruff in your beard. Use just a little bit of the beard oil regularly and it should work fine, even for the thickest of beards.

Use Beard Combs

Beard Combs

Combs make for an important bread grooming tool when you want to maintain your beard at all times. You will need a detangling comb to keep your beard from getting knotted up. End your grooming routine with a finishing comb which gives your beard the shape you want.

Trim At Regular Intervals


Based on how quickly your beard grows, you should know when to trim your beard. Otherwise it can grow out of shape and look shabby. Try and trim your beard at least once a week for that well-maintained look. An electric trimmer can help you get quick, even results.

Whether it’s a short beard you’re after, or a long flowing one, follow these tips to ensure you’re on top of your facial hair game, at all times and sport a well groomed beard.

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