4 Fashion Lessons that Gen X and Millennials Can Learn From Each Other
November 27, 2019

If you were born between 1965 and 1975, you belong to Generation X, and if you were born between 1980 and 1999, you are Generation Y, popularly known as ‘Millennials’. These two generations have been a witness to major technological and economic shifts in the world. From dial-up modems to 4G internet, Gen X and Gen Y have smoothly transitioned through several innovations.

However, there is one thing that continues to remain distinct between the two generations, which is fashion! Gen X and millennials have completely different style preferences. Both are unique and charming at the same time. Having said that, we also believe that both can learn a few style tips from each other. 

In the below read, we will take a look at what these two generations can learn about fashion from each other and some trends that we think that both generations should let go of! 

Trends Then and Now

4 Fashion Lessons that Gen X and Millennials Can Learn From Each Other


With diverse cultures and numerous classes, it is difficult to point out a single Gen X trend. But, one distinctive trend is that style back then was more focused on comfort, which explains the oversized shoulders and the rise of loose casual clothing.

While Gen X wore suits because they had to, millennial men wear suits because they want to! Gen Y is undoubtedly the winner when it comes to experimenting with different trends. Whether it is athleisure or street style, millennials can adapt to almost any trend.


Gen X can finally let go of oversized shoulder trends and start wearing styles that fit. Whereas, keeping the fit in mind, Gen Y should also start prioritising comfort over uncomfortable styles.

Fitting Preferences

4 Fashion Lessons that Gen X and Millennials Can Learn From Each Other


As stated before, Gen X’s style was more about loose clothing. It was the period that witnessed the beginning of boot-cut baggy jeans. However, the trend has moved on from baggy to skinny. Millennials like their perfectly-fitted denim. Both these styles have a special place in a person’s wardrobe and can look stylish.


Gen X and millennials should try out both styles- millennials can pair boot cut jeans with a fitted shirt and millennials can look more on-trend if they wear skinny jeans.

Shoe Game

4 Fashion Lessons that Gen X and Millennials Can Learn From Each Other


Gen X did not really focus on stylish shoes, insisting more on function and comfort. For millennials though, every outfit has to be matched with proper shoes.

Gen X’s style was well-constructed classic formal shoes. Millennials, on the other hand, are experimenting with sneakers that can go with almost anything, from formal wear to ethnic wear.


If millennials can wear comfy sneakers with a suit and still look good, then the lesson here is definitely for Gen X to do the same. 

Brand Loyalty

4 Fashion Lessons that Gen X and Millennials Can Learn From Each Other


Now, when it comes to brands, Gen X is loyal to specific brands. However, millennials are more concerned about the style rather than the brand, relying mainly on fast fashion.

This is a lesson for the millennials to learn. Too much experimenting means you might end up with average quality clothing. You are assured of durability and quality if you purchase from the brands that you have always been shopping from.

As we can see, there are a lot of things that Gen X can learn from millennials and vice versa, with the main focus being on fashion adaptability. Shop for the latest millennial trends from Shoppers Stop’s collection of apparel. To get some ideas for everyday style, check out our blog on 4 Everyday Looks You Can Create Below INR 1000.

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