June 4, 2019

We love the confidence boost we get after putting on our favourite lipstick. We have to admit, the right makeup is truly empowering. So, what better than a bold lip shade to make a statement?

This monsoon, give your makeup kit a refreshing change with a fresh new stash of lipsticks. Now with the rains upon us, we couldn’t settle for anything else! Long-lasting, rich pigments, intense moisture, make sure your lipsticks add the colour to the gloomy season.

Let waterproof lipsticks come to aid! Here are our recommendations of the best waterproof lipstick types you need to own now!

Matte It Up

Matte-It-Up_4 Types Of Lipstick For Monsoons

Source: whicdn.com

Mattes took the world by storm when they were introduced and still continue to reign the makeup kit of every woman. But ensure you give the half a dozen mattes a skip and opt for a waterproof one. A matte lipstick with high staying power means business with its ability to deliver intense colour and create the appearance of a fuller pout. Opt for dark colours if it’s a night out or a lighter shade when you’re out there in the boardroom!

Flaunt It:

Matte lipsticks are generally dry and a bit difficult to apply. You could start by prepping your lips with a dab of grapefruit oil on the lips to help retain moisture. Follow it up with a lip liner before filling in the colour. Try this trick to make your lipstick last even longer – use a lip brush to apply the lipstick!


Luscious With Liquid


Luscious-With-Liquid_4 Types Of Lipstick For Monsoons

Source: wordpress.com

Liquid lipsticks that dry matte are all a fad now. These glide on much easily as compared to regular matte lipsticks. Add to it the fine tip applicator that allows for more precision around hard-to-reach areas like the cupids of the lips. It’s a great waterproof option for monsoons, right from your office desk to the evening party scene. It stays on all-day, without the need for re-applications!

Flaunt It:

To get a smoother finish, start with a gentle exfoliation using a lip scrub. Use a light lip balm and a lip liner. Next, dip the applicator into the liquid and start by filling in the colour, starting from the centre of your lips.


Pep It With A Pencil

Pep-It-With-A-Pencil_4 Types Of Lipstick For Monsoons

Source: lefigaro.fr

If you’re wondering why we’re suggesting a lip pencil, we’ll explain why! For those of us who’re not aware – smooth, matte lip pencils could double up as lipsticks too, albeit without the heavy texture that are a feature of many lipsticks. Their lightweight properties make them apt for use during monsoons. Pick a waterproof one to sweeten the deal!

Flaunt It:

Simply trace the natural outline of your lips, followed by carefully filling in the colour. Ensure you use a touch of lip balm for a natural dewy finish and a moisturised appearance.

Velvet Touch

Velvet-Touch_4 Types Of Lipstick For Monsoons

Source: glamour.com

A revolutionary product in the world of mattes, this product comes with an expert sponge applicator that slides smoothly. It sets to a velvety matte finish, leaving a rich tint that is easily blendable, thanks to the emollient flower oils in the formula. It’s a perfect choice for rainy days, with its long-lasting, waterproof properties!

Flaunt It:

Gently sweep the sponge applicator along the shape of your lips and blend for even coverage and a creaseless finish. Wear another coat if you want a richer colour payoff.

Add colour to your makeup kit this monsoon with transfer-proof, water-resistant lipsticks. Get your lip fix here!

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