4 Tips To Pick The Rick Sports Shoe
November 13, 2019

Typically, sports shoes are designed for physical activities, but can also be used as daily wear for additional comfort. However, finding the perfect fit is no easy task. There is a fine line between a well-fitted sports shoe and a great one, and that makes you either enjoy running in it or hating it. 

So, when it comes to picking the right sports shoes, multiple factors come in to play. These shoes carry your weight for kilometres while cushioning the impact on your muscles and joints. Here is a 5-step checklist you must keep on your mind before stepping into the perfect pair: 

What Do You Need It For? 

4 Tips To Pick The Rick Sports Shoe


Before getting started on each element of your shoe, you need to first identify your need. What are you planning to use your sports shoes for? Running, walking, playing a sport or trekking? Each activity requires different types of sports shoes and even the slightest difference can alter your overall experience. For example, if you tend to go on walks regularly, running shoes might be the best option for you.

With your need in mind, always look for a sports shoe that matches your gait. Doing so will also enhance the life of your shoes. 

Fit And Size

4 Tips To Pick The Rick Sports Shoe


The fit of your shoes is one of the most important factors while selecting them. Traditional ones use a fabric mesh upper body that stretches and appropriately holds the foot in place. Look for sports shoes that are mould to your feet and have a thick ankle collar. These prevent chafing and secure your feet with no slippage as you stride along. 

It is also important to not buy a size that is too snug. The rule says there should be a thumb’s width between the seam of your shoe and the big toe. Any larger than that, and it might cause your feet to slip around and injure the ankle. 

Many sports coaches advise that the best time to buy sports shoe size is during the afternoon or evening, which would account for any expansion of your feet throughout the day. 

Heel and Instep 

4 Tips To Pick The Rick Sports Shoe


Today, sports shoes are designed to put a minimal impact on your feet despite the strenuous physical activity. Shoes with a balanced midsole and heel-cushioning will provide stability and comfort with every natural stride you take. 

Avoid buying a sports shoe simply based on how it looks. It is one of the most common mistakes novice runners make. Instead, pay attention to how your feet feel on the run. Shoes that feel right in every stride, from touchdown to toe-off are the ones that will secure even the weakest part of your foot. 

 Heavyweight or Lightweight?

4 Tips To Pick The Rick Sports Shoe


Last and the most important factor to consider when buying sports shoes is weight. By this, we mean both yours and the weight of the shoes. Heavy runners tend to apply more pressure on their shoes and in turn stress on the material. Therefore, you need to invest in sturdier material that will withstand wear and tear while protecting your feet. 

The weight of the shoes again depends on the level of your physical activity. As a walker, lightweight sports shoes with shock absorption cushioning around the heel and ball cut down tenderness making it an ideal choice. 

Buying sports shoes can be easy if you follow this 5-point guide. Find the best of branded sports shoes online at Shoppers Stop and give your feet the gift of comfort. If you’re just starting out in the world of sports, read our blog on 4 Essentials For A Sports Beginner.

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