May 11, 2017

He proposed, but before you walk down the aisle, it’s time to indulge in some pre-wedding fun. Put on your favourite shoes, turn up the chemistry quotient and put your best face forward. A Pre-wedding shoot is the best way to forget all the wedding stress and wear pretty clothes and shoes.

Choosing your outfit for your pre-wedding shoot could seem like scaling a mountain, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are few tips to keep in mind when choosing your outfits:

Learn About Complementary Colours

Check out the colour wheel and identify the colours which are on the opposite side of each other. Those are colours complement each other perfectly.  For example, like yellow (warm) complements blue (cool). Therefore, it is important to understand if your chosen colours complement each other or overshadow each other.

Match it Right


If you must match your clothes, make sure they don’t clash with each other.  Add contrast through jewellery and accessories. However, if you want to wear colour co-ordinated clothes then consider wearing colours of the season. For example, you could both wear summer colours or different shades of blue. It is best not to wear colours that blend into your background. So, when you mix colours and textures ensure that you’re adding a bit of flair to your shoot. Rich blues, reds, pink, purples, oranges and yellows are great colours to work with. Give the browns, and tans a miss as they tend to blend in with the background, if it’s an outdoor shoot.

Wear it Right!


So if her wardrobe is multiple shades of green, then it is sensible to find menswear that will go well with her dresses. For example, if she is wearing an emerald green dress, then you can contrast it by wearing a white and blue checker t-shirt with dark blue pants or black jacket with a white t-shirt and black pants. Or if she wearing an orange or yellow outfit, offset it by wearing an olive green shirt with light coloured pants.

Match the Tie


If you are going for a formal, yet fun shoot, then opt for quirky ties. If she is wearing a wine coloured dress, then wear a black suit and a wine coloured tie. If you want to add a fun element to the shoot, then add a hat or a scarf to the outfit.

In the end, it has to be a fun shoot. This is about you and him.  However, don’t be rigid about your wardrobe. Mix it up a bit and go with the flow.  After all, the goal is to be comfortable and let your personalities shine.

But don’t indulge in too much comfort and end up shooting in your pyjamas! After all, these memories are going to be imprinted on your life forever.

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