May 23, 2018

Finally summer is here with its coveted school holidays. Have you planned anything for your kids to have a blast this season? If not, it’s time you started plans in full swing! And no, you’re not lost.

We have some exciting DIY art and craft ideas for kids that will save you the time and effort while keeping your little ones entertained.

So for those days when you’re a bit too exhausted to take them out to the park, here’s a set of DIY art and craft ideas for kids that will save the day!

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue-Paper-Flowers_DIY Craft Ideas

Summertime cheer, vibrant colours, and a sign of celebration. Flowers signify all this and more! This vacation, introduce your little ones to the art of flower making. Encourage them to gift easy handicrafts as a token of love crafted from colourful tissue paper.


Buy them colourful tissue paper, a set of scissors, a glue set and decorative threads. Guide them to wrap and fold like a flower. It might not come out crease-free, but it will be a perfectly imperfect beautiful creation made by those little hands; something they’ll be proud of!

Ice-Cream Stick Bookmarks

Ice-Cream-Stick-Bookmarks_DIY Craft Ideas

If your kid loves reading, the next most important thing he’ll need on his must-have list would be a set of cute bookmarks. But why buy when you can make super adorable ones at home? You heard that right!


Put this art and craft idea for kids in the pipeline and start prepping. All you’ll need are some ice-cream sticks, decorative threads, beads, play dough and colour pencils. Let them give their bookmarks a human touch by drawing a nose made from play dough, fixing on a pair of googly wiggle eyes, and a smile to go with it!

Painted Sneakers

Painted-Sneakers_DIY Craft Ideas

Now here’s a piece of art your kids are going to flaunt every single day. And, we’d all agree, what’s cooler than a pair of sneakers popping with colours?


Rope in your kids for this craft idea by arming them with the essentials. Stock up on colourful sketch pens, paints, and a pair of solid sneakers! If your kids are too young to draw, you can do the drawing bit while your little ones have a gala time filling in the colours. The final result? Oodles of colour and high on the quirky factor!

Plastic Bottle Crafts

Plastic-Bottle-Crafts_DIY Craft Ideas

Thought master art pieces were best left up to the art fanatics? Here’s a plastic bottle craft for kids that will compel you to do a rethink.


Before tossing away those plastic soda bottles, how about putting them to good use? Wield out a wide bowl, pour some bright peppy colours and dip the bottom of a soft drink bottle. Stamp it on a greeting card or a canvas and voila!. Quick, easy, yet with the aesthetics on point!

Bottle Piggy Bank

Bottle-Piggy-Bank_DIY Craft Ideas

Here’s a fun DIY craft for kids to get familiar with the importance of recycling and thereafter saving. Parents – it’s time your little one got his piggy bank!


For these simple craft ideas with household items, get your hands on a few basic things  – an empty water bottle, decorative wrappers, paper craft making supplies, scissors and adhesive. Cut paper to the shape of a pig’s ears and nostrils; stick them at the narrow end of the bottle. Wrap the middle section of the bottle with the decorative paper and slit open a few inches straight at the top of the bottle (from where you will drop the coins in). Oops! What about the legs? Gather few caps of other unused water bottles and stick them to the four sides to the bottle- and you’re all set!

This summer, get your child on board the DIY bandwagon with these fun ideas. Try out exciting paper craft ideas for kids with waste materials or simply products that can be recycled. Happy crafting!!! Get your craft supplies online now.

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