July 7, 2020

Half the year has passed and it’s been…How long since the lockdown started? You’ve experienced doom, become a serial napper, and hopefully, you’re finally at that stage where you want to be productive again. What better motivation than creating some work from home outfits with some serious accessorizing, even if it’s for zoom calls? Ladies and gentlemen, the reality is that the office has shifted to the bedroom so might as well make those work from home clothes interesting to keep you feeling sane. 

Boss Lady Ingredients


Midweek blues hitting you hard? All you need to shift your focus from napping in bed to working in bed all day are some solid work from home accessories! We’ll let you stay comfortable with a chic, easy breezy dress  and all you need to do to look like you put in effort is a slim belt  and a minimal scarf.

Webcam Fashion

polo tshirt_workfromhome

Jeans are a thing of the past because who’s checking if you’ve got pants, or shorts, or anything on really? For modesty’s sake, put on a pair of comfy joggers and opt for a polo t-shirt to nail loungewear fashion and yet dress appropriate for a meeting. Throw in a pair of glasses( to dress your part boys. Best part about the trusted polo t-shirt – comfortable to wear at home as well as apt for  when ready to resume the good old office cubicle life.

Layer the Jumpsuit 


You are basically wearing a onesie, but looking like a trendsetter at the same time. Dig out that jumpsuit you save for summer brunches and pair it with a solid, crew neck t-shirt or a formal shirt if you’re feeling powerful. Complete the look with the oldest style trick in the bag – a pair of hoop earrings and a necklacePerfect outfit for a mini dance party after the work day is over!!

Redefining  Workwear


Smart Casuals, that elusive category of workwear that few ever learn to master but we are breaking it down for you. Feeling lazy? Basic t-shirt . Feeling fancy? Layer on a striped shirt. A pair of neutral cargo pantsand your favourite pair of sliders  will complete this work from home outfit.

Final Touches


Lockdown is NOT an excuse to forget beard trimmers  or to give up on makeup . While we love it if you’re embracing your natural side, a little grooming can make your work from home clothes look so much better! Men, trim that facial hair. Ladies, throw on some fun eyeshadow. And, this one’s for all – don’t forget, watches  the perfect chic yet functional accessory!

So, even if  the office has come home and you thought there was limited reason to dress your part, we would highly recommend rethinking that. As we always say, dress comfortable but make it fashion and for that, we got you covered. Head over to our website to shop versatile and comfortable styles and accessories that amplify your work from home fashion quotient. 

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