4 Sweet Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special
January 13, 2020

When your loved ones are celebrating – whether birthdays, college graduation, job promotions, festivals and more – it’s only natural that you want to gift something the commemorate their happiness. Gifting them something special that you’ve put some time and thought into is one of the best things to do.

Gifting can be tricky- you never want to give a gift that’s been overdone or boring. The key to gifting is to make it personal. That shows the amount of care and thought you’ve put into the whole gifting process, making it special for your loved ones. What better way to do that than to gift them something based on their personality?

Gym Enthusiast

4 Sweet Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special


Just like you need the perfect playlist for when you work out, having the perfect workout clothes is also important. Gifting them classic black tracks that are comfy and stylish is the way to go. Remember to get tracks with pockets for convenience. Another gift that every gym enthusiast will love is a good pair of sports shoes. If they love a splash of colour, gift them a pair of brightly coloured sneakers in pink or green.

The Wanderluster

5 Sweet Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special


We all have that one friend we feel social media envy because they always seem to visit the most beautiful places on earth. For this friend, consider giving them a backpack that they can use while travelling, or customize a travel kit with all the essentials for them. You can also consider getting them a pair of sports shoes if they’re into adventure sports and trekking.

The Homebody

4 Sweet Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special


People who love to relax and unwind more than they like going out on adventures usually value their comfort over anything else. So, get them a couple of the most comfortable t-shirts and bottoms you can find, so that they can do what they love the most- sit back and watch their favourite shows! Look out for pure cotton t-shirts with a loose fit. Throw in a pair of comfy flip flops, and you have got the perfect gift for them.

The Cooking Enthusiast

4 Sweet Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special

Cooking becomes significantly more joyful when all the right ingredients and tools are at your disposal. The best part of having a friend who loves to cook is that they will invariably give it to you to taste! When you want to gift them something, go a little beyond the regular pots and pans and see some unique variations like a grill pan. If they love baking, you can also gift them moulds for cakes and cupcakes. If you’re not sure of the cookware, move to crockery. The presentation often makes or breaks the appeal of any food item so look for a chic and aesthetic dinner set.

The Party Animal

4 Sweet Gift Ideas to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Special


For all the party animals out there, in addition to their spirit, their outfit is what makes them the life of the party. Gifting them something to add to their collection of party dresses would do the trick. Think shimmer and sequins. Get them a classic LBD or a shimmery silver dress as the perfect outfit. You can also add a sling bag to go along with it. Look for chain slings bags that can also double up as clutches.

Excited already and ready to shop for some gifts? You can check the Shoppers Stop online or in-store collections for all the unique gifting ideas listed above. You don’t have to pick just one! If you think your loved one shifts between the above personalities, as most people do, you can curate a lovely care package with one item to suit their every mood. If you feel like gifting some of these to yourself too, don’t stop yourself. For more gifting ideas, read our blog on Offbeat Gifting Ideas That Your Friends Will Love!

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