June 13, 2018

The thought of planning a birthday gift often has most of us scratching our heads in a dilemma. And when it’s a child’s birthday in question, the confusion for us adults almost doubles up. But if there’s one gifting idea for a kid, that is almost irresistible, it would have to be fun, intriguing, and colourful toys and craft sets!

Think about it; the excitement that toys and craft kits can conjure up on a child’s face is barely matched by anything else. So, now if we have your attention, it’s time we begun the countdown to wrapping that perfect gift.

Here are tried and tested options every birthday boy or girl is going to love!

Art And Craft Supplies_Gifts For Kids' Brithdays

Art And Craft Supplies – The initial years are the most important in a child’s life as they help decide where their interests lie. Art supplies are a great way for them to explore their creativity and develop their skills. And children love colour play! So be it a bright play dough set or a comprehensive colouring kit replete with paint brushes, 3D drawing pens, and a colouring book, consider this a gift that has the nod from every kid!

Musical Instruments_Gifts For Kids' Birthdays

Musical Instruments – Kids are attracted to the sounds they hear. So why not let them create their own mash-ups and be junior Mozarts with their own musical instruments? The best part – music has been proven to enhance coordination, improve reading and comprehension skills, and even relieve stress. Sounds like music to the ears? Guitars, drums, and xylophones are the best ones to choose from!

Outdoor Sports Equipment_Gifts For Kids' Birthdays

Outdoor Sports Equipment – It’s a pity, kids these days are less engaged in physical activities and more in the world of virtual reality. This in itself is an answer to your gifting dilemma – a cool outdoor sports kit that’ll drive him to get out and get fit! It’s only a matter of time before he starts looking forward to regular cricket and tennis sessions with his friends!

Constructive Games _Gifts For Kids' Birthdays

Constructive Games – Children are more receptive to learning during their formative years, which is why ‘play and learn’ should be the mantra when it comes to toys and gift sets. So if you’re planning a gift, take the classic route with a Rubik’s cube or a Pictionary kit. From improving their motor coordination to enhancing their ability to concentrate, these are fun and learning, all in one!

Building Blocks_Gifts For Kids' Birthdays

Building Blocks – We’ve all been there, toying with the idea of creating the highest tower or a cosy playhouse with building blocks. And we have to reminisce – the excitement of building something is simply exciting. This time, it’s up to the young ones to play with their imagination. We bet, even years after, the constructive and fun gifting option will incite the same excitement and intrigue that we experienced as kids!

Why just any gift? Pick from these amazing toys that are a hit with kids of varying age groups. Kid’s birthday gifts – decoded!

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