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5 Plus-Size Accessorising Hacks For Women

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Ever heard the saying, ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’? Today, stereotypical notions about women of different shapes and sizes are breaking the glass ceiling to rise above and beyond. As a plus-size beauty, we know finding your fashion calling might seem challenging. However, with the right style hacks even the most basic outfits can be amped up. 

Embrace your body and personality as one, as you use these clever accessorising tips to look your best every day: 

Statement Jewellery 

5 Plus-Size Accessorising Hacks For Women

Apart from looking pretty, accessories help inEvery woman has a favourite part of her body and accentuating it is the way to go. If you want to highlight your curves, indulge in statement neckpieces that look great with deep neck outfits. The secret to accessorising with statement pieces is the proportion. Delicate chains might get hidden, but bold pendants and chunky neckpieces will have the focus being above your torso. 

Pair a single piece of jewellery with your outfit. Skip the neckpiece if you choose big dangler earrings or a solid bracelet


5 Plus-Size Accessorising Hacks For Women

We often underestimate the power of a good belt. Belts are a curvy girl’s best friend. If you already have a well-defined waistline, pair a sleek belt with a dress to enhance your look. If you’re conscious about your waistline or want to define it, pair your outfit with a contrasting wide belt. Embellished belts in fabrics like leather are chic and add an extra oomph to your beautiful curves. You can also try a corseted belt for a defined waist.


5 Plus-Size Accessorising Hacks For Women

Scarves can change the entire appeal of your outfit. Add a pop of colour to your monochrome look or use it is a headband for a quirky boho appeal. These stylish and creative pieces are great to draw attention from your outfit or the conscious parts of your body when curated cleverly. 


5 Plus-Size Accessorising Hacks For Women

Bags and purses are similar to jewellery in that basic principle of proportional is applicable even when styling purses with your outfit. As a curvy woman, pick handbags that complement your overall physique. A bag that is too small might not augment your frame and look amiss with the entire outfit. 

Instead, a boho tote, an oversized shoulder bag or a satchel will enhance your appeal by creating a striking appearance. 


5 Plus-Size Accessorising Hacks For Women

Give a woman the right shoe and she can conquer the world! The statement is true in every sense because believe it or not, shoes can create the illusion of a more poised body structure. When it comes to wearing shoes, opt for pointed toes and a block heel, rather than stilettos. Wedges and platforms also work great for plus size women as they draw focus away from your ankles and calves by making your legs look longer. 

With these basic hacks in place, keep these pointers in mind when styling yourself. Be creative, bold and fearless in whatever it is that you chose to wear. And lastly, always add your own spin to personalise your style. Remember, you are only as beautiful as you feel! Shop for your favourite accessories at Shoppers Stop online or in-store and look fabulous always. For more on curvy body trends, check out our blog on Athleisurewear For Curvaceous Body Types.

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