June 4, 2018

Commemorate ‘World Environment Day’ this year by promising to take an eco-friendly approach in every walk of life. Enhance your  jute bag collection to carry lunch to office or run errands for home. You can take baby steps towards contributing to the ecology by giving an environment-friendly facelift to your own home.

Little tweaks to your current decor with eco-friendly products will help to change the entire vibe your lovely home exudes.
Here are 5 eco-friendly home decor tips to give your space a green revamp.

No-Plastic-In-The-Kitchen_Eco Friendly Decor

No Plastic In The Kitchen– The kitchen is where ingredients are taken and turned into magical delicacies that the entire family enjoys. But, the rapid usage of plastic containers and storage boxes in the kitchens wreak havoc on the environment. Add an eco-friendly touch to your cooking space by using storage boxes made from recycled material like the compact ones from Back To Earth!

Fruit-Basket-In-The-Dining-Area_Eco Friendly Decor

Fruit Basket In The Dining Area– Every family needs to eat healthy, but with each member’s busy schedule, maintaining a healthy diet can get difficult. Adding a fruit basket to your dining table helps them to pick up a healthy snack before they kickstart their day. Plus, fresh fruit stored in a pretty looking, eco-friendly basket makes for an attractive centre-piece in your dining space. Look for the ones available with a hood to keep the dust and flies away.

An-Organic-Touch-To-The-Living-Space_Eco Friendly Decor

An Organic Touch To The Living Space– After a hectic day, who doesn’t crave a hot cup of tea or coffee? As you sit in the living room, sipping from your beverage, it’s only obvious to want a coaster at hand to prevent your table from catching stains. We recommend a coaster set crafted from natural materials. Choose glass, bamboo, jute or wooden crafted ones for an eco-friendly touch that also gets the visual aesthetics on point!

A-Relaxing-Bedroom-Vibe_Eco Friendly Decor

A Relaxing Bedroom Vibe– A good night’s sleep is all you’d want when your day ends on a stressful note. But constant exposure to fluorescent lamps and blue-light emitting screens may take a toll on your sleep cycle. So, when bedtime sets in, ensure you resort to a warm-hued lamp that will help you to relax with ease. A pretty lamp made from environment-sensitive materials is an eco-friendly home décor idea to spruce up your space.

Quirky-Bathroom-Show-Pieces_Eco Friendly Decor

Quirky Bathroom Show Pieces– So what if it’s your bathroom? It needs to look as good as the rest of your home, albeit with an eco-friendly touch! Take a coloured glass bottle or simply paint one with your favourite colours. Later tag in the natural element to the decor idea by adding in some flowers or pebbles, and voila! You’ll have a bathroom that’s something out of an interior magazine.

Opting for eco-friendly home decor not only ramps up the earthy vibe of your home, but also makes you a responsible inhabitant of the ecosystem. On the eve of World Environment Day, choose eco-friendly decoration ideas and join hands with millions to love, conserve and care for the planet.

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