December 20, 2017

When is a smartwatch much more than a smartwatch? When it’s also a sleek accessory that instantly uplifts any outfit your pair it with. With its minimalistic round dial and patterned leather strap, the Titan We smartwatch for women tops our list.

Simply sync it to your smartphone, and enjoy a world of convenience. Here’s what you can do with the nifty We smartwatch by your side.

Stay Fit

Stay Fit_Titan We Smartwatch

Looking for an incentive to get off the couch? Set fitness goals and track the number of calories you burn every day, with this smartwatch. You can also stay connected with your workout buddies, and share your progress with them, for some extra motivation.

Stay Safe

Stay Safe_Titan We Smartwatch

Find yourself in a dark alley, late at night? Never feel alone with the Titan We. With the push of a button, you can send out an SOS message and stay connected to the people you trust the most. You can also find out who can reach you the fastest in case of an emergency.

Stay Connected

Stay Connected_Titan We Smartwatch

Missing your BFF or that special someone? No matter how far away they are, let them know they’re on your mind, with the Titan smartwatch. You can tell someone you’re thinking about them, and share your location with them, simply by pressing a button.

 Stay In Touch With Your Smartphone

Stay In Touch With Your Smartphone_Titan We Smartphone

Can’t remember where you last put your phone down? Don’t worry, the Titan We has you covered. Simply press a button on your watch and it’ll lead you straight to your phone, even if it is on silent mode!

Stay On Top Of Your Notifications

Stay On Top Of Your Notifications_Titan We Smartwatch

Expecting an important call, but can’t keep checking your phone because you’re catching up with friends? Just leave it to this classy smartwatch. Its discreet LED indicator and haptic response system let you know when you’re receiving a call or message.


Enjoy all these benefits, plus a battery life of 36 hours! Buy the Titan We smartwatch online,

You can now shop from our store anytime and from anywhere, just download our mobile app and get started –

Android Users Download App HERE
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