September 29, 2017

Weather change always brings along with it unwanted gusets and the last thing you want lingering in and around your home are insects. It is a huge bummer to see flies hovering over your food or waking up to insect bites. At this point you need a contingency plan to keep these invaders at bay. We at Style Hub have shared a few ideas you can implement to insect-proof your house and exterminate them for good.

Use Screens To Cover-Up


Cover all kinds of small, overlooked opened corners, with a screen. It is easy for a bug to crawl inside through these openings. The best types of screens you can use are the ones which can be stapled on, with the edges covered with wood.

Turn On Ceiling Fans


The logic behind this is that flies and insects do not like moving air. The quickest and easiest way to get rid of them for good, is to install a ceiling fan which can be switched on whenever you want to.

Repel With Plants


This hack may seem ironic as mosquitoes and insects are more prominent around plantation. But there are certain plants, like catnip, which are naturally designed in a way to keep these intruders away. They have a distinctive smell which is unbearable by mosquitoes. You can place these plants in nice vases in the room.

Cover Food With Mesh


A no-brainer to make sure that insects have no reason to come back is the simple hack of covering your food. Whenever fruits and food is kept outside, be sure to store it in clean bowls  and cover it with a netted lid or use a fruit basket. This keeps the odour of ripening of fruits away. Also, cover your dustbins at all times as this is the area that insects are most attracted to.

Light A Lamp Or Candle


Lighting a lamp or candle is beneficial twofold. Firstly, it adds to the décor and lends a subtle laid-back ambiance to a house. Secondly, the scent keeps mosquitos and insects from entering and you can also use aromatic products for a refreshing aroma in the room.

With these easy tips, you can now protect your homes from th ese pesky pests and stay healthy as well as  happy.

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