May 16, 2017

You never go wrong with a suit. A suit is something a man must have in his wardrobe. It’s a sure-fire way to boost your style. But, many of us have old suits sitting in our closets and have no clue how to incorporate them back again. Pick out those suits that are sullenly hanging in your wardrobe. Here are some ways you can wear them again and look dapper as ever.


Get it Altered

Not all of us are fortunate enough to stay in the same shape that we were in at the age of 18. The very first thing you can do is to get your suit tailored to your current fit. A well-fitting suit will make all the difference between you standing out or blending into the crowd.


The Perfect Tie

A popular modern trend is to pair your tie with your suit. Here, you can wear one which is in a similar colour to your jacket, but yet is not matching. For instance, with a grey jacket, you can add a dark grey tie.



deserves only the best treatment. Only and only, dry clean your suits. Never try and wash them at home. After dry cleaning not only will your suits come out looking brand new, but it will also increase the life of your garment.


Pocket Squares

A pocket square is sure to add jazz to your attire. Look for some funky prints that will make a bold style statement. Look for a pocket square which you can easily fold and place in your breast pocket.



There are a number of accessories you can indulge in to upgrade your suit game. To start, get new buttons for your suit. It is sure to add a fresh look. Also look for sleek tie pins. These tiny fellows will play a big role in making you look suave. Another chic addition can be a pair of unique cufflinks, giving you a major fashion edge.

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