May 23, 2018

Fashionistas, we’ve all heard about the must-have dresses and must-have luxury bags. But before we get to those, there’s probably one thing we all ignore – the right set of panties.
Possessing a few sets of carefully put together intimates are always better than a closet full of beautiful but impractical lingerie, right?
But if you thought you’d have to research the world of undergarments for that, you’re mistaken; because we’re here to help!
Keep that phone handy because, 1-2-3, here are the only types of panties you’ll have to shop for now!

Granny-Briefs_Types of underwear

Granny Briefs– Yes we’ve seen the humble set of granny briefs sidelined. After being labelled the type of women’s underwear for the 50+, it may have taken a backseat in our closets. But only to return as new and improved versions. These extremely comfortable undergarments have gone through a makeover and have emerged as super-cute cousins of their predecessors. If comfort is something you won’t bargain for, here’s the type of panties you won’t have complaints about.

Bikini-Briefs_Types of underwear

Bikini Briefs– Bikini briefs are the perfect ladies panties type for those who love coverage without going the granny panties way. It is the perfect cross between a thong and a hipster brief. These set of underwears are just the thing that you would need under skater skirts and dresses. Shop for the seamless bikinis to stride with confidence without having to worry about those dreaded panty lines.

High Cut BriefsFrench Briefs_Types of underwear

High Cut Briefs/French Briefs– Do you love your briefs but hate the piercing elastic? Choose high-cut briefs which offer wider leg space, which also equals to more comfort! They are simply the numero uno girl’s underwear type that you need when you’re getting dressed in those shorts or high-waist jeans. The practical design makes them suitable for everyday use. Besides, the high waistline comes in handy when you wish to conceal an inch or two. We’re sensing some nods of approval!

Thongs_Types of underwear

Thongs– Sensuous and practical best describe a dainty pair of thongs. And it’s not just model material. Apart from the comfort factor, this one promises to stay concealed, almost undercover! Which means, no hidden fashion faux pas waiting to happen. Choose whites and neutrals in this type of women’s underwear if you’re planning to wear lighter shades. And don’t forget to add a pair of delicate lace ones to your checklist!

Hipsters_Types of underwear

Hipsters– While thongs may steal all the limelight, we can’t help but admit our love for maximum coverage and high comfort. And speaking of ladies panties types, hipster briefs certainly fit the bill. With long sides and a fuller back, these are also the safest bet for those days when you’re out flaunting your flared dress. Low-risk, ultimate comfort, you have it all in one!

From thongs to granny pants, we’re here to help you choose from a vast spectrum of different types of panties.

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