5 Types Of Sweatshirts Your Kids Will Love
January 30, 2020

Kids enjoy picking out their own outfits, but their options might not always be practical. Cute sweatshirts are your answer to making sure they stay comfortable while looking adorable.

Available in different styles such as zippered and hooded sweatshirts, you can be sure that your kids will love dressing up in this layering essential.

​​​​For Playtime: Hooded Knits

5 Types Of Sweatshirts Your Kids Will Love

These are ideal for chilly morning and evening, when some extra layer of warmth will be much appreciated. Choose a sweatshirt made of a comfortable and lightweight fabric that can provide protection from cold air without feeling heavy.

Knitted sweatshirts with an attached hoodie will protect the head and ears from the cold when your children are engaged in outdoor activities. Go for colourful patterns which can be combined with woollen pants and ankle-length boots as well as a pair of joggers and sneakers.

For Party: Colourful Sequins

5 Types Of Sweatshirts Your Kids Will Love

Kids love sparkles. If you tend to have a tough time getting your kid to layer up, a colourful and sparkly sweatshirt can do the trick.

Layer a shimmery sweatshirt with all-over sequins over a dress or a pair of pastel-coloured pants. Let them experiment with their style and complete the look with their favourite boots or sneakers.

For A Sleepover: Graphic Prints  

5 Types Of Sweatshirts Your Kids Will Love

Graphic prints can be quirky and cute, making any outfit fun and instantly more attractive. With a plethora of prints and colours to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

Pick a striking print in a neon shade if your kid likes bright colours, or a monochromatic tone if they are into muted shades. These cool prints will look equally good, be it a pair of jeans and sneakers or cartoon printed pyjamas and sliders.

For Indoors: Cartoon Prints

5 Types Of Sweatshirts Your Kids Will Love

Let your kids channel their favourite cartoon character with a sweatshirt printed with cartoon designs. Your little ones will love it so much that they’d probably want to wear it everywhere!

Pick cute all-over cartoon prints in muted tones or sweatshirts with images of their favourite cartoon character as a centre-feature for a comfortable and snug outfit they can wear indoors. They can easily be worn over their pyjamas, cotton shorts, skirts and dresses.

For Get-Togethers: Superhero Prints

5 Types Of Sweatshirts Your Kids Will Love

Kids look up to superheroes and love everything to do with their favourite superhero; be it the colour of their costume, logo or even their magical weapons. So, this winter, protect your child from the harsh cold by covering them in a superhero print sweatshirt.

Superman, Wonder Woman, Black Panther or Batman, there is a range of sweatshirt options when it comes to Superhero prints. Find a sweatshirt your kid will love to wear based on the Superhero they adore. These can be paired easily with a pair of jeans our frilly skirt to create a cute and comfy look.

Dressing for the cold season need not be all about drowning your kids in layers. You can add a playful element to their winter dressing style with these stylish and uber-chic sweatshirts that they will be excited to flaunt.

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