July 4, 2018

Makeup can truly make or break your look, particularly when it’s your eyes in question. Blotchy eyeliner or smeared mascara is a huge no-no. But it’s nearly impossible to prevent sweating, humidity, and monsoon from wrecking havoc on your makeup.

What you can do is resort to a fail-proof option – waterproof eye makeup. You can now forget about running for cover when it pours or worrying about rub-off when you’re sweating!

You don’t need to change your eye makeup routine, just the products. Here are the only waterproof eye makeup products you’ll need in your arsenal.

Volumised Lashes With A Touch Of Mascara

Maybelline-Hypercurl-Mascara_Waterproof Eye Makeup

No other makeup tool can make your eyes look younger and wide awake than a bottle of mascara. It’s effortless to apply and does wonders to make your lashes look longer and thicker. And when you have the added advantage of a waterproof mascara formula, you have an all-season product for flawless mascara makeup!

Get The Look:

Mix up the liquid before application by rubbing the bottle between your palms. Take out the wand and gently brush your lashes without using too much force. Ensure you’ve placed a tissue paper below to wipe out any residue.

All-Day Stay With Waterproof Eyeliner

Colorbar-Precision-Waterproof-Eyeliner_Waterproof Eye Makeup

Need that flawless cat-eye flick, trust a liquid eyeliner to get it done with precision. If you’re not too confident about your look or feel underdressed, a single swipe of this turns the tables. Classic lining or dramatic flicks, à la Bella Hadid. What’s your pick?

Get The Look:

Like most liquid cosmetic products, rub the bottle between your palms to ensure a smoother application. Starting from the inner corners of your eyes, gently sweep it across the outer end of your eyelids. Fill in the pigment and stretch the line depending on how dramatic you want it to look.

Bright Eyes With Cream Eyeshadow

Revlon--Colorstay-CrŠme-Eyeshadow_Waterproof Eye Makeup

Get rich pigmented colour that doesn’t fade away with an eye-shadow in a creamy base. A smooth consistency makes for an even smoother application, you won’t regret this purchase! Experiment with colours to create a list of signature day and night eye looks.

Get The Look:

Take some colour on your brush and swipe it across your eyelids. Extend it to the outer end of your brow bone if you’re looking to achieve a bold look.

The Eyeshadow Quick Fix With Chubby Sticks

BeyuColor-Biggie-Long-Lasting-Eyeshadow_Waterproof Eye Makeup

Eyeshadow sticks are real game changers in the world of eye makeup. You can kiss the brushes goodbye when you’re travelling as these handy chubby sticks do the job quickly and impeccably. The best part? Some of these work equally well as eyeliners too! Waterproof your eye-makeup collection with a transfer-resistant, water-resistant eye shadow pencil now!

Get The Look:

Beginning at the inner corners of your eyes, draw a stroke on your lash line that extends to the outer lash line. Fill in some colour and start blending, using either your finger or a fine-tip brush. Use an eye primer before application for a smoother finish.

A Defining Edge With Kajal

Isadora-Perfect-Contour-Kajal_Waterproof Eye Makeup

Kajal is one indispensable item that is synonymous with eye makeup. Even when it’s not an elaborate eye-makeup routine you’re looking for, this one fits the bill. A single stroke on the waterline is enough to get you through the day, keeping your eyes looking fresh. Water-resistant sticks are ideal, if you want a two-in-one tool that lines your lower and upper eyelid!

Get The Look:

Statement eyes are all the rage this season. Experiment with the thumb-print eyeliner look by extending your eyeliner outward and giving it a thick outer edge. Alternately, you could try the smoky eye look and merge it with the glitter eye trend for a stunning evening get-up.

Embrace the monsoon without fear. The best water-resistant eye products are here to save the day!
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