5 Ways To Create A Nude Makeup Look
April 21, 2020

Reminiscent of the 90s’ aesthetic, nude makeup is all about showcasing your natural beauty without loading up on layers of products. It is based on the concept of less is more and channels natural charm by accentuating your best features.

The beauty of this minimal look is that it can be pulled off by anyone as it can be altered to suit all types of skin tones and facial features.

Read on for some inspiration to master this ‘me-but-better’ look.

Pro Tip: The key to nailing a natural look is to have a good base in the form of clean and clear skin. Give your makeup a smooth canvas by prepping it with some gentle cleansing and exfoliating.

Use A Hydrating Moisturiser And Light Foundation

5 Ways To Create A Nude Makeup Look

Start by nourishing your skin with a hydrating moisturiser. To look as natural as possible, apply a lightweight foundation shade closest to your skin colour that is just enough to even out the skin tone while keeping it light and dewy.

Less is more is the rule to ace the nude makeup look. Resist the urge to cover your entire face with foundation and apply only on areas where you want to even out your complexion for that flawless natural finish.

Conceal, Don’t Cover

5 Ways To Create A Nude Makeup Look

Fresh skin is the most important aspect of a nude makeup look. To keep your under eyes looking natural, you would want to conceal any dark circles in a way that maintains the shadow created by your bottom lashes. With that in mind, use a sheer concealer only in the inner corners and the deepest hollows of your eyes, gently blending it out with your fingers for that ‘well-slept-for-eight-hours’ effect.

Similarly, apply concealer on any remaining hyperpigmented spots on your face that the foundation couldn’t cover.

Use A Cheek Tint To Create A Healthy Flush

5 Ways To Create A Nude Makeup Look

Don the au naturale face by skipping the heavy contour. Instead of the usual bright pink or coral blush, use an earthier shade or a soft bronzer that complements your skin tone and adds a flush of warmth and some dimension to your face. Apply it in a sweeping motion from the apples of the cheeks, along the cheekbones towards your temples. This will give you a slightly sculpted look while still looking natural.

Choose Earthy Toned Eye Shadows

5 Ways To Create A Nude Makeup Look

Keep your eyes looking bare with an eyeshadow from the beige or pink family that adds just a touch of colour while evening out any discolouration on the eyelids. Using a shadow brush, apply the shade on the crease of the eyes to give them subtle depth. Next, tightly line your lash line with a soft brown kohl or eye pencil to prevent the eyes from looking overly defined.

For a night look, you can give your eyes a glamorous twist by adding a stroke of mascara.

Match Lipstick To Natural Lip Colour

5 Ways To Create A Nude Makeup Look

The purpose of nude lipstick is to enhance your natural lip colour. The key here is to wear lipstick without looking like you are wearing any. To achieve this, instead of directly applying it on your lips, rub some lipstick on your fingers and stain your lips with it to get that subtle hint of colour.

Nude makeup can be tricky to execute but with the right products and these simple techniques, you can ace this natural look effortlessly.

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