April 20, 2018

There is one thing most will agree on, there’s no compromising when it comes to a good night’s sleep. Although the season plays an important role in determining the level of comfort you experience, there are always things you can do when it’s not in your favour.

Summer can interfere with your sleep cycles and can sometimes keep you up due to the unbearable heat. But why compromise? Here are ways to keep your bedding snug and cosy so nothing interferes during your shut-eye time.

Invest In a Comfortable Mattress_Ways To Get Summer Bedding Right

Invest In a Comfortable Mattress – A good mattress is what pops into your mind when talking about bedding. Not only does a good mattress work to keep you at ease all night, it also ensures you sleep sound. You could bring home a gel memory foam topper to make summertime more bearable. It works to keep the surface of your mattress cool while you sleep, in addition to providing optimum support.

Get Yourself Some Comfy Sheets_Ways To Get Summer Bedding Right

Get Yourself Some Comfy Sheets – Apart from mattresses, another major contributor to your comfortable nights are your cool bed sheets. A great option would be tencel sheets that are designed in an eco-friendly way to keep the air flowing throughout. These are especially useful when summer is at its peak. Cotton bed sheets and linen are other alternatives that give close competition to tencel.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Whites_Ways To Get Summer Bedding Right

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Whites – White sheets are a nightmare to most of us. There are days when they randomly appear stained, even though we have been utterly careful. But as we know, whites are a great option to keep heat away in clothing, they work equally well with bedding as well. Another advantage is that white sheets and mattresses go perfectly well with interiors in varying colour schemes.

Satin Is Cool For The Summer_Ways To Get Summer Bedding Right

Satin Is Cool For The Summer – Ah! Don’t you just love how satin feels against your skin? Its silky smooth texture exudes luxury through its reflective shine. You feel cooler as you rest on it, and there’s no way you will go back to your old cotton bed sheets or pillow covers. What’s more? There are plenty of beauty benefits for your skin and hair, so it’s a win-win! If you’re looking for a more simplistic alternative that still combines the silken qualities of satin, try bed sheets and bedding sets made from cotton satin.

Opt For Lightweight Sheets And Pillow Covers_Ways To Get Summer Bedding Right

Opt For Lightweight Sheets And Pillow Covers – Summer is definitely not the time to load your bed with comforters and heavy duvets. While the number of pillows you have on your bed remains a personal choice, it’s always better to spare more space by keeping around only a few pillows. This will ensure your comfortable bed is not cluttered while you’re sleeping, thus promoting air flow. Most importantly, avoid thick cushions and opt for pillowcases in cotton and other light fabrics. These will be easy to wash and maintain in summer as compared to thicker cushion covers.

Now make a lovely summer bed, all snug and comfy, with these quick tips. Start prepping by shopping online now!

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