September 19, 2017

Maintaining long and medium length hair is quite a task and it’s so boring to stick to the same tired ponytail hairstyle all day every day, right? So today, we’re looking at some super easy hairstyles that look awesome and are extremely quick to do so you can have fun in the sun and at the same time look different every time you step out!

High Ponytail


A high ponytail is a very easy hairstyle to achieve and it looks nice on all hair types, whether straight wavy or curly. You can achieve this look by simply gathering your hair into a high ponytail and securing it with a hair tie. If you want a sleek look, secure the loose strands with hairpins or just let them be as it is and pull out some baby hair from the sides to transform your high pony into a messy high pony. Either way, it’s extremely easy to put together and looks trendy!

Low Bun


A low bun looks great on straight hair. To achieve that perfect low bun hairstyle, wash and condition your hair with a suitable shampoo and conditioner, blow-dry your damp hair and comb it with a paddle brush to achieve somewhat straight strands. You can even straighten your hair if you wish to. Once your hair is completely dry, secure it into a low pony just above your neck with the help of hair ties and pins. Now simply twist this pony into a tight bun and secure it with a hair-tie! Easy, isn’t it? Don’t forget to secure the loose strands with hairpins and to add some extra shine to your updo, you can apply hair serum. It’ll not only give you that shine but also tame the baby hair!

Messy Bun


This one’s my personal favourite and requires zero efforts. Just get out of your bed and there you have it- the perfect messy bun! Messy buns though, look amazing and are really easy to put together. Simply curl your hair with a round hairbrush or a hair curler, twist your hair into a pony tail and secure it with pins. Now, take out a few loose strands of your hair from the front and side section and set your hair with a setting spray. Finally, mess your hair with your hands to create that messy look and you’re ready to go!

Braided Bun


Braided buns are my go to for an elegant occasion. They look so chic and are really simple to put together. Simply, detangle your hair with a wide toothed brush and start French braiding from the crown section all the way till you reach just above your neck. Secure the French braid with a hair tie to give it an effect of a low ponytail. Now take the remaining sections of your hair and start braiding them as well. Don’t forget to secure these sections with a hair tie too. Now twist the first braided pony into a bun and secure it to stay in place with hairpins both from inside and outside for a proper hold and its ready- the very stylish braided bun updo!

Reverse Braided Updo


If you’re really good at braiding, you have to try the reverse braided hairstyle! It might take some time for you to be a pro at it but trust me, it’s totally worth the efforts. To get started, just flip your head upside down and detangle your hair nicely. While, your head is still upside down, start braiding your hair from the bottom till you reach the head section. Once you have done this secure your braid with a hair tie. Use a few pins if required to set the braid in place. Now twist the ponytail to create a bun– the messier, the better and secure it on top of your head with some additional hairpins. Finally, don’t forget to set the whole look with a lot of hair spray to avoid frizz. You might need some help or practice but eventually, you’ll master the technique!

High Bun


First, detangle your hair and blow dry it. Don’t forget to apply some serum to add shine. You can also straighten your hair with a hair straightener in sections to achieve a sleek look. Now simply secure your hair into a high ponytail and twist it to create a bun on the top of your head and voila! You’re, ready!! Don’t forget to secure your hair with some pins to prevent strands from falling out if you want to go for a sleek look. Complete the look with some hairspray.

So these were six really quick and easy hairstyles that look amazing on medium and long hair and can be easily donned to perfection with a few attempts in not more than five minutes. Go try them out right away and step out looking stylish everyday!

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