December 13, 2018

Messy buns are enjoying their moment of fame now. This casual hairstyle has managed to make it’s way into the red carpet, with the help of a few accessories and bobby pins, of course!

However, as much as we would want to achieve the perfect messy bun look without any effort, it’s not that easy! Thus, we bring to you 6 easy ways you can ace the messy bun hairstyles.


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The easiest and most widely preferred amongst the lot, the classy messy bun is chic and edgy.

All you need is a hair tie and a few bobby pins to secure your hair. Start by tying your hair  with the  hair tie . However, don’t pull the entire hair out through the last loop. Your hair will appear folded and undone. 

Simply loosen your hair by lightly pulling a few strands and you’re good to go!


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This hair style is very easy . As the name suggests, a top knot messy bun is literally a messy bun on top of your head. Don’t worry if you haven’t washed your hair, as greasy hair works perfectly well with this look.

The first step is to finger-comb your hair to achieve the  messy look.

Next, take all your hair from under your ear, leaving no flyaways and tie your hair with a hair tie. Roll the tail of your hair around and secure with pins to keep your bun high up!


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 The loose messy bun may look effortless, but can fall apart real quick if not done the right way. Thus, you need to stock up on loads of bobby pins and hairspray to get this one right. A loose messy bun looks best when kept low.

All you need to do is tie a bun at the back of your head and pull out a few strands ahead. Now loosen your bun from all sides by lightly pulling strands and securing with pins.

Lastly, use a little hairspray to maintain the texture and keep the look alive!


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This one has to be the prettiest from messy bun hairstyle lot. Not only are people opting for braided messy buns for events and parties, but they are also being adopted by celebrities on the red carpet.

For a simple braided bun, start by braiding your hair from the scalp in front and take it all the way to the back.

Then, twist your braid and secure it with bobby pins and loosen your braid for a full messy look.


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You will need a hair donut or a sock for this look. Simply tie your hair into a ponytail. Slip in the donut and adjust your hair to let it cover the entire donut.

Cover the parts where the donut is visible and put a rubber band to achieve the desired circular shape. Then, use bobby pins to hold it in place.

And voila, you have a perfect donut messy hair bun!


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 The Half-up messy hair bun is the female counterpart of the man bun. It’s chic and works perfectly well for casual settings. Let the bottom half of your hair loose, as you will be working with the top half only.

Similar to a top knot, separate the top half of your hair, from the bottom half and tie a high bun.

The next step is to hide the tail if your hair by securing its pins. Loosen it a bit so it appears bigger and messier.


Try out these 6 easy messy bun hairstyles for your next outing and be the talk of the town!


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