December 4, 2020

We all know, picking out a signature perfume is no cakewalk. And, spoiler alert! The perfume you like the most, may not be your signature scent at all!  The journey to finding your signature perfume is all about concentration, trusting your olfactory sense and following your instincts.

Let’s make it simpler for you. Read our guide on how to find your signature scent in 6 easy steps.

 Test Fragrances In The Morning

Mornings are that part of the day when your sense of smell is more receptive. It’s the best time to try out different fragrances. An interesting fact to keep in mind –  When you’re testing a variety of scents, it’s highly likely that your nose might get confused. So, it’s best to smell something neutral and then go ahead with the testing. Don’t be shocked if you suddenly realise that your favourite floral scent doesn’t smell great anymore. It’s normal for your perfume preferences to change as you mature. Research suggests that we’re bound to like muskier fragrances as time goes by.

Try Out Different Fragrances

Keep this as a thumb rule when you’re starting out – Smell everything! Your nose may not know what it likes, so it’s essential that you smell all the scents that come your way. But, don’t exceed more than 3 scents a day or you may end up overwhelming your nose. Ideally, go from lighter to heavier perfumes. Light ones with floral or aquatic notes are best for summer as opposed to heavier ones. Other factors like your emotional connection to a certain fragrance can also play an active role in helping you choose the right perfume.

 Don’t Settle For Someone Else’s Favourite

Everyone can smell certain scents differently. What may be soothing to your friend’s senses, may not seem as comforting to you. Spicy scents may appeal to them while you may be a fan of citrusy ones. This shows that a fragrance is truly subjective. So, the next time you’re out shopping for perfumes, don’t go for the one your girlfriends like, but choose the one that speaks to you!

Narrow Down Your Preferences

Floral, fruity, woody or spicy? The choices may overwhelm you. And trying out fragrances across these varied categories is only going to make things more confusing. It’s best to narrow it down to the type of fragrance you’re looking for, and then trying out scents within that playing field. Once you’ve got this step right, you know that your signature fragrance is just a few tests away!

Track The Few That Appeal To You

While you’re on your great perfume hunt, you may notice that there are certain scents that latch onto your memory. Even when you’ve moved on, something about it keeps pulling you back. It’s a sign that your body thinks that this could be your potential signature perfume. To be absolutely sure, you could spray some on your wrists and the crooks of your elbows. Keep sniffing it every hour to figure out whether you still like it and voila!

 Pick Out The Winner

The end is the nail-biting part and you’ll probably feel like sitting on the fence when it comes to choosing the one. However, conquer this indecisiveness! Begin by picking one perfume and spraying it on your pulse points. The perfume will then evolve, helping you get a clearer idea as it mingles with your body. Repeat this step with the others after a couple of days. Make it a point to ask for tester bottles to carry home for the purpose. If your senses are still pleased with any of these, you’ve found your winner!

Whether it’s a signature perfume for men or women, this guide is the perfect way to help you on your perfume quest. Follow these steps and you’ll be just a few steps away from your signature scent!

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