6 Stylish Options To Wear When You’re Self-Isolating
April 22, 2020

As we’re currently grappling with the outbreak of COVID-19, companies across the globe have asked employees to work from home as a preventive measure to contain the spread of the contagious virus.

While working from home might not require you to follow strict dress codes, it is by no means an excuse to just wear pyjamas! Dressing professionally might get you into the ‘work mood’, so here are some professional outfits with a casual touch. These outfit ideas will make sure you look professional for any sudden video calls, yet ensure that you are comfortable in your own home.

For women:

Dress It Up With An A-Line Dress

Working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s what you must wear!

A formal A-line dress is just what you need to look professional and feel comfortable in your own home. With a flattering yet airy silhouette, this dress is perfect if you want to sit comfortably on your sofa while working.

Style tip: To bring out the summer vibe, wear a light blue dress with embroidered details at home. Accessorise with a pair of simple stud earrings to stay motivated as you check off your task list.

A Shirt And Leggings Combo To Live In 

Working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s what you must wear!

Juggling work from home with running multiple errands? You need an outfit that makes it easy to stay active, and yet mean business! A long collared shirt paired with the ever-so-reliable leggings is a fail-safe bet. A perfect blend of formal on top and casual down below, bring out your professional A-game with this outfit.

Style tip: Pair a simple light blue denim tunic with white ankle-length leggings for the perfect work from home outfit. This outfit will have your back when you receive those sudden video calls for an impromptu team meeting that you would otherwise have to field!

Elegance Made Simple With Palazzo Pants 

Working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s what you must wear!

Being comfortable while working from home doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the style factor. Palazzo pants will ensure that you feel comfortable and look professional even when curled up on the couch.

Style tip: Pair striped black palazzo pants with a long-sleeved, simple white cotton shirt when working from home.

For men:

Upgrade Your Jeans To Business Class 

Working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s what you must wear!

While jeans may not be considered appropriate in some office environments, there’s no reason you can’t wear them at home. The luxury of working from home allows you to don your most trusty pair of denim unapologetically. However, to make it as office-appropriate as possible, choose solid jeans in dark colours such as black or navy blue.

Style tip: Pair a checked shirt with black jeans for a semi-formal look perfect for working from home. Make sure you choose jeans that have a bit of stretch to them so that you can stretch at home while working.

Stay Smart And Comfortable In Polos and Track Pants 

Working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s what you must wear!

Favour a laid-back approach to your dressing? Try wearing a polo shirt with black or dark blue track pants or joggers.

Style tip: An olive-green polo shirt with black track pants is sure to make you look formal from the waist up while keeping you comfortable as you work from the bed or couch!

Pair A Formal Shirt With Utility Cargo Pants

Working from home due to COVID-19 pandemic? Here’s what you must wear!

A well-fitted, tailored formal shirt is a mainstay in any work wardrobe. Pair a fitted shirt with cotton or linen cargo pants that are appropriate for the summer. This formal outfit is sure to make you look stylish for any urgent calls even as you relax on the sofa!

Style tip: Pair a blue and white checked shirt with khaki cargo pants for a comfortable work from home experience. Choose a straight-fit shirt so that you can stay comfortable at all times.

With so many great options to choose from, make working from home a little more stylish. But do remember to practice self-isolation and social distancing in these trying times to help “flatten the curve” and shop for all that you need from Shoppers Stop online!

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