6 Types Of Watches For Different Personalities
December 8, 2020

It’s not for nothing that a statement watch has cemented its position as one of the most coveted pieces of accessory in a person’s wardrobe. Your watch is an extension of yourself. Whether you’re fond of the outdoors, are compulsively organised or have an affinity for all things luxurious, a timepiece should perfectly embody your personality.

Fitness Tracker For Fitness Enthusiasts

6 Types Of Watches For Different Personalities

If you’ve been engulfed by the recent sweeping wave of fitness and healthy living or just take pride in being a seasoned fitness enthusiast, a fitness tracking watch deserves to be your companion. From monitoring your heart rate and registering your food intake to noting the number of steps you walk and the calories you burn in a day, this is a must-have watch for all you health-conscious people out there.

Smartwatch For The Organised Ones

6 Types Of Watches For Different Personalities

Obsessed about being organised? A smartwatch can be your trusted companion. Managing work-related appointments and schedules can be exhausting. Add to it social engagements, replying to messages and other communications; all of these could make you lose track of time and upset your schedule. A smart watch’s organising and planning abilities will make life a lot easier for you.

Shimmery watch For The Classy Ones

6 Types Of Watches For Different Personalities

Outgoing and charismatic, it’s no surprise that your friendly nature makes you very popular among friends. Your vivacious personality demands just the right watch to match your warm vibe. A shiny watch with just the correct amount of shimmer in the form of a glittery strap or a blingy dial could be a perfect choice. You can wear it by itself or stack up some bracelets for some arm party.

Sleek Watch For The Minimalists

6 Types Of Watches For Different Personalities

For those with an understated aesthetic, there’s nothing more appealing to your no-frills individuality than a minimal yet sophisticated and classy watch. With clean and simple lines, encased in an elegant dial with a smart leather or swanky metal strap, prepare to make a statement.

Funky Watch For The Quirky Souls

6 Types Of Watches For Different Personalities

A funky watch should rank high in a quirky, free-spirited individual’s book of style. Truly reflective of your care-free attitude, an eccentric watch will encapsulate your attitude perfectly. So, don’t shy away from wearing your heart on your sleeve (erm, wrist) in the form of a unique watch in offbeat styles, shapes or colours.

Jewelled Watch For Bling Lovers

6 Types Of Watches For Different Personalities

Lovers of all things luxe, a decadent timepiece crafted with opulent yet intricate strap detailing and a dial encrusted with gems and stones is perfectly reflective of your glamorous aura. Be the centre of attention at any party and garner some envious glances with a statement watch that speaks for itself.

As a social person, your love for high-end parties and making a lasting impression at them beckons a glitzy and eclectic timepiece on your wrist.

So, the next time you plan to add a new watch to your collection, pick one that resonates the most with your style and personality traits.

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