June 27, 2018

Home is where the heart lies, but the soul lives in the bedroom. After a long and exhausting day, when you look for a place to retreat, it’s nowhere but your bedroom. We spend a lot to make our living rooms look desirable, but that one special comfort zone that gives you your calming ‘me’ time is often left for the last. Nevertheless, even with a shoestring budget, you can help infuse a pinch of colour, cosiness, and grandeur to your bedroom. If you’re someone looking for bedroom ideas for couples on a budget, don’t worry, we have that too! Here are seven helpful bedroom makeover ideas on a budget. The best part? Well, you can DIY some of them too!

Add A Pop Of Colour


When you are looking for a bedroom makeover on a budget, the one thing that can brighten up the mood is some colour. Don’t shy away from adding bold statement pieces to accentuate your comfort zone. You’ll be surprised how different your bedroom wall will look with a neatly hung thrift store piece of modern art. For a big impact, add bold and vibrant prints to your bed. A paisley printed bed sheet with striped pillow covers and a contrasting cover can make your room look stunning.

Tip: Try your hand at tie and dye for bed sheets and pillow covers in different colours. This is a super easy DIY bedroom decorating idea on a budget!

Rearrange Resourcefully


You’re getting married or moving in with your loved one. With all the extra expenditure, the last thing you want to do is dig deep in your pockets to refurnish your room. Looking for bedroom ideas for couples on a budget? It’s simple, rearrange your furniture. Throw old rules out of the window and find an arrangement that works well for both of you. Mix and match your favourite paintings, pictures, move the mirror or learn decoupage on wood to create pieces of art by yourself! Being thrifty is great, especially when you know the art of elegance. For a bedroom makeover on a budget, try refurbishing what already exists and watch how it beautifully transforms your space. Bedroom ideas for couples on a budget are plenty, so make sure to try them out!

Lay Down That Classy Rug


Lay down a faux fur rug to add a touch of palatial grandeur to your bedroom. Imagine stepping on plush luxury every morning as you set your feet on the floor! Give your bedroom a makeover by adding a lightweight rug under your bed. Be sure to choose one that is subtle, yet vividly contrasting to the bedroom’s colour tone. Rugs have the power to add an understated class to any space. With so many colour and fabric options, pick a rug that fits your budget.

Tip: For DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, try making your very own rug! All you need is some twine rope, glue, and scissors. Easy to make and stunning to look at, just twist the rope in circular directions for a DIY round rope rug. To infuse colour, just dye the rope beforehand and then start!

Bed Done Right!


Comfort is key when it comes to doing a bedroom makeover. New bedding can add a whole new element to your room’s décor. For a bedroom makeover on a budget, start with simple basics. Throw on a duvet cover to make your bed look snug and welcoming. Since visual aesthetics is everything, add low-key, comfortable pieces to the bed. Stack layers of fluffy cushions in contrasting colours and hook up a sleek headboard to make the bedroom look inviting and plush. Clear the clutter on the bed and ensure the bed is nothing but your area of relaxation – that means, no used clothes and wet towels!

Tip: If you are looking for DIY bedroom decorating ideas on a budget, make your own headboard. Simple, chic and super classy! Take a curtain rod and polish it with any colour of your choice. Add two cushioned pillows and hang it as a headrest. Easy to clean and comfortable to rest on, this DIY headboard is an economical solution for those looking to do a bedroom makeover on a budget!

Dress Up The Room


Add an element of ‘wow’ to your bedroom by tweaking the décor in the space. A creative stick-on wallpaper will instantly liven up the bedroom without having to pay a hefty price for it. Take the artsy route when looking for bedroom makeover ideas on a budget. Abstract wall art peel-offs, lace curtains, and woven decorative pieces elevate the look of a bedroom faster than anything else. Allowing natural sunlight to fill your room through pastel curtains will make the room look beautiful and fill it with a positive aura.

Tip: For a DIY adventure with your loved one, try painting one wall yourselves in the bedroom. Pick a colour of your choice, use a sponge and create a 3D effect to brighten up the room for an economical DIY bedroom idea for couples on a budget. 

Keep It Fresh


Houseplants are an excellent way to up your room décor game, and they’re super cheap! If you’re looking for bedroom makeover ideas on a budget start by bringing in small greens to the space. An elegant vase with fresh flowers or a potted plant will add a touch of natural beauty. If you are wary of your nurturing skills, start with simple beauties like pothos and spider-plants – they are low-maintenance and require minimal care. Bring life to the room as these plants fill your bedroom with oxygen and filter the air at one-tenth the price of an air purifier!

Light It Up


Apart from using lamps that light up the room, you can also amp the bedroom look with statement pieces that can make the bedroom look bigger and brighter. Use a statement mirror with a metallic frame to add a touch of opulence to your bedroom. Hang a romantic canopy over the bed for the ultimate bohemian bedroom vibe. Throw fairy lights over the canopy for a night under the stars feeling! Alternatively, you can add a touch of depth with elegant photo frames in which you can include your fond memories.

With these clever DIY bedroom makeover ideas on a budget, you can spend a fun weekend revamping your space without burning a hole in your pocket! Shop for your statement bedroom pieces at Shopper’s Stop online.

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