May 10, 2018

Summer is fun, summer is cheerful, but remember, summer is super hot too! When it’s your skin in question, let’s just say it may be at a disadvantage if not cared for. And let’s admit, how many times has a scarf or hat really helped? Which proves that they’re not enough!

What your skin really needs is a boost of moisture. So let your parched skin drink up this summer. Yes water too, but it’s the new Clinique Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator that we’re excited about!

Nourished Skin With Every Use

Nourished-Skin-With-Every-Use_Moisturiser For Face

Make plump, dewy skin that is feather-soft to the touch a reality with this repairing and protecting formula by Clinique. Designed with a superior Auto-Replenishing Technology, it’s skincare backed by science. This also means a drastic drop in the number of applications required! The gel-cream moisturiser works by helping your skin pool in moisture and rehydrate itself consistently for up to 72 hours. You’re promised a 152% instant moisture boost and 2x the hydration in the evening. Don’t believe what you hear? Take a peek into this gel-cream’s handpicked ingredient list!

What’s In – The Ingredient Profile

Whats-In-Ingredient-Profile_Moisturiser For Face

If the term moisture boost makes you think of an overly greasy face which shines in the sun, we’re glad to inform that the Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator is anything but. A powerful combination of polymers and humectants with super-holding properties ensure minimal water loss by locking in moisture. The efficacy is improved with its intelligent time-release function. The product features a rich ingredient profile of super-lubricating hyaluronic acid, nourishing aloe water, and caffeine to stimulate the skin’s natural rehydrating function. We bet your skin will thank you!

Your Start To Better Skin – The Easy Way

Your-Start-To-Better-Skin_Moisturiser For Face

You can use the product almost any time of the day. Layer it over or under your makeup. If the onslaught of pollution or heat demands a splash of water to refresh, go ahead without second thoughts. Because, this moisturiser can do it non-stop for 72 hours even after you’ve washed your face! And why just as a hydrator for face, when you feel like pampering your skin, go all out and use this as a quick, 5-minute mask!

If you’re wondering whether this is the moisturiser you’ve been searching, we’re more than ready to nod in approval. Try the Moisture Surge™ 72-Hour Auto-Replenishing Hydrator today and reap the benefits of 72-hour hydration and intense nourishment, sans the comedogenic ingredients, greasiness, and harmful fragrances.

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